Bobbi's Blog, here now, just for you

An unashamed bit of self promotion here.

Sometimes you just gotta blow your own trumpet.

It was suggested to me that I should start to write a Blog.

The keyboard of my laptop is red hot after all the one finger typing, but here is my first effort. Love it or hate it, it is out there.

So click on the link below and read the word, written by yours truly.
the Bobbi Blog

Keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :grinning: :+1:

Thanks to Alex, Clement and others, for their support and encouragement.
There should have been a picture of me, but apparently I’m too grainy.

Also - I must say this, I’ve enjoyed producing this first episode of the Blog but without ‘you lot’ who share your forum with me I’d not have had a direction. I truly appreciate the words of encouragement I have received., They have been a real motivator.


Well done! Great job, it reads like a human has written it. xx :kissing_heart:

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Not sure how I managed that, but I am trying, very trying.
Thank you for your patience and support too.

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@Bobbi a good read. You definitely have axway with words & as usual you made me smile.

I always chuckle when you say about putting youself back to bed so the carers could get you up again & how you got up again, like a naughty child, after they’d put you to bed again. Very mischievous but has no doubt helped you along your recovery road :grin::grin:

Best wishes

Ann x


There’s far to go yet, but it is good to feel that improvement is possible.
The support and encouragement given out on this forum does affect things in a very positive way.
That is why the Forum is so important, valuable even, to its members.
We make it what it is,
so thank you everyone and . . .

Keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :smiley: :+1:


Brilliant read. Well done :clap:

Keep on keeping on :+1:

Regards Sue


Evening @Bobbi. Stoic, determined and an account from the other side. Was it cathartic to write it all down? Julia x


There will eventually be more. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

It was a great opportunity and hopefully gives an idea of what it is like, though the specifics do vary from one to another, I know .

Thanks to both of you for taking the time to comment.


@Bobbi Very well written, I do love the humour, the description of the carers’ routine made me laugh, so true from what I’ve seen. The hilarious idea of going back to bed so they can get you up reads like a brilliant scene from a sitcom. Maybe that’s your next step? A new career as a writer! Looking forward to more of this :slight_smile:


Good stuff @Bobbi, I also asked myself whether I belonged, at first, being in the ward with other stroke survivors, all who had varying degrees of severity. Some were in for secondary strokes and the like. Afterwards, when discharged, this thought carried on to having a disability, particularly as I initially saw those around me as not. Enjoyed your first post, keep on writing on. :grinning:


Was good to get the full background story precisely . I’m sure it will help others in similar circumstances. Blog on Bobbi :+1:


I loved your story and can’t wait for the next instalment . . . . and when the book comes out I’ll be first in the queue at your book signing :smile:


Dear Bob,i have to admit i just read your blog,and i have to admit it made me laugh…
Sorry… not laughed for the stroke and bad stuff but for you getting back in and out of bed when the carers had gone,i pictured you doing it and had a chuckle(like a naughty schoolboy?)keep going Bob you’ve got the right attitude,dont let the B@#@%£#s get you down.Best Wishes Bernadette x



Thanks, and as they say if you don’t laugh, Bobbi’s Blog will get you, or should that be Budgerigars, it does look like budgerigars. (B@#@%£#s)

:bird: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :+1: