Bloody Duvet

As my friends on here know, changing a bed is a Herculean task for me. Today, reluctantly, I decided it was time to do it again. At one point, I noticed a speck of blood on the fitted sheets so glanced at my fingers, which were all blood free. Next minutes I notice smears of blood on the wallpaper and a blotch on the edge of the fitted sheets. I glanced at my lower right arm to see it covered in smeared blood and a large drop of blood oozing out. I go to the bathroom wipe my arm and find a small area of torn skin. The reason for all this...clopidogrel!

So,after cleaning up the wallpaper, which resembled a bit of a crime scene, my partner cleaned my arm and put a plaster on. I then completed the dreaded task. Memo to self...please take more care. If my small abrasion were any bigger, I might have needed a blood transfusion.


Sorry to hear you've lost some it that after it was tended to you went back & finished the job in true British spirit - Respect to you...should say that it's been 10 years since I got wiped out by massive stroke & I have kicked & screamed my way back to total independence one of the most challenging things was learning to fit a bottom sheet & duvet cover with one hand...I achieved it in recovery year 6 ...I have to mentally prepare on bed change day coz I know it's gonna drive me mental & I know I won't  walk away from it till jobs still takes me an hour - I just refuse to sleep in anything other than a clean bed...good luck to you - over the years your posts have been great comfort to me...


Hi John Jeff

I know that feeling well.  I have re-traced my footsteps a few times to find the scene of the abrasion - mainly to satisfy my curiosity as to how it happened.  It's amazing how a small, tiny piece of skin can ooze so much blood in nano seconds!