Blood thinners

Hi didn't know aspirin was a blood thinners do we have to be more cautious if we have grazes I'm falling advice would be appreciated

I am on Clopidogrel and now little grazes bleed a lot. Check with your doctor as I am no medical man.

Thanks for that I will check Monday when I get BP check take care

If you Google it one of the side effects is bleeding and bruises. I was on clopidoprel and was always covered in bruises. Now on apixaban and have to carry a warning card. Also bought a blood thinners bracelet. I always wear gloves if I do gardening etc. I have also bought a pair of gloves for when I am using knives in the kitchen.

Also with clopigergel if you have any dental work you need to let the dentist know in advance ,also statins we can't drink grapefruit juice or cranberry ...pippy 

When I first nicked myself on Clopidogrel restoring a bicycle, I was taken aback at just how much I was bleeding from a small graze, but at least I knew the medication was working :)

I have been on them for three weeks and to-date with small cuts there have been fine. I asked at the time in hospital would bleeding stop like normal and told well almost

 yes Gillian avoid Pommegrante and cranberries and grapefruits as they also thin the blood.. I have been on warfaring for many years and was adviced to  avoid these you may bruise easily or take a while to stop bleeding after blood test and injections and also becareful when brushing teeth too hard as it may cause some bleeding on the gums, On a different note beware of opticians when they look in your eyes for test as they often se something in there which "needs checking out a hospital!" got all concerned thinking now what?? for a specialist to say " yove had a stroke at some point because we can see the vessells in your eyes more!!" 6 weeks for a  5 minute consultaion ( pointless)

Thanks for letting me know about promogranite and cranberries I didn't know that I knew  about grapefruit as I'm on statins take caresmiley