Blood thinners

Hello dear friends. I was put onto apixaban for af. I had terrible side effects so was put back onto aspirin. I then had my two strokes. I have just started rivaroxaban. Have any other members knowledge of this medication. Blessings judy

Hello cecil I am on rivaroxaban I have been on it for about 3 months now I do get a bit anxious as if you cut yourself it bleeds a lot. I hurt my leg about 2 months ago and it bled that much that I was hospitalised. I am on a very strong one  as my doctor said I would probably have another stroke if I didnt take it. Best Wishes Norma Jean.

Hello Norma Jean. Rivaroxaban suits me.yes you bruise and bleed easily. Have you got my posts. My name is Judy. Cecil is just a user name. Take care. Judyx

Hello Norma Jean I find that I am OK so far on rivaroxaban. Yes you bleed and bruise easily have you got my earlier posts. Love judy this is my name to go byx

Hello Judy I have just been put on beta blockers for my you or anybody know anything about them. I took one today and it made me feel a bit woosy and upset my head. Thanks in advance. Norma.

Hello Norma. I was put onto beta blockers for my af about 6 months ago. My head is always dizzy but. No worse for the pills. One thing they do is to slow the heart so you find your pulse gets very slow. So my doctor put me on half a tablet daily cardiac. Consultant is OK with that. Love judyx

Hello Norma. With your af do you get many palpitations and shortness of breath. I have got three blocked arteries. After going through all the first half of the angioplasty the doctor said that I had enough blood getting through the arteries to warrant stents at this time. Take care love judyx

Hi Judy. I'm Jeanne.  I am on Eliquis because of my afib. I was put on it after I had a stroke and they found the afib.  It doesn't bother me at all. I don't bleed alot when scraped, etc.  I did some research on it compared to Xarelto(the brand name for the one you are on).  I read that Eliquis had greater efficacy in preventing blood clots, and that there was significantly less risk of major bleeding or  hemorragic stroke. According to the article, the drawback to Eliquis is that there is no antidote if bleeding should occur, but the study said that since it is taken 2x a day, any bleeding can be managed by discontinuing the medication.  Anyway, just some input. I had asked my doc if aspirin would be enough.  He said no.  Aspirin is a blood thinner, not an anti-coagulant. (Ialso take low dose aspirin.) Also,  my cardiologist put me on dilitiazem ex.r 180mg to stop the afib, as he said the blood medication was not 100% effective in preventing stroke.He wanted to go to the source of the problem.  Love, Jeanne

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Hi Cecil,

I have been on Rivaroxaban since 2016 after it completed clinical trials for use in Antiphospholipid syndrome. I was on Warfarin previously which was problematic in terms of my blood going too thin and causing serious bleeding. Having weekly blood tests was also a pain when working full time and often travelling abroad on business.

Rivaroxaban took all of my Warfarin problems away and has kept me stroke-free for another four years. I've had no issues with it at all.

It is incompatible with my previous Anti-epilepsy medication, so I had to be moved onto a different medication. That took six weeks and was challenging (you have to overlap the two medications, so I was zombie-like for three weeks.

Before I started taking any blood thinners, I'd had a stroke, pulmonary embolism and DVT within the space of weeks, despite being healthy, I thought.

Damian (Eurocracy67)


Hello damian. It is comforting to have good reports on medication. My doctor was keen to have me on rivaroxaban as my clot buster. I hope that you are recovering well. Blessings judy

Hello Jeanne. Thank you for your post. I get on alright with apixaban. No nasty side effects. I take one 15mg per day with food. They have a good write up. Keep well love judy