blood thinners

seven months ago I had two strokes, a month between them. after the first stroke I was put on Apixaban . I soon began to feel very dizzy and very light headed.  After a month of struggling  I had another stroke. I am trying so hard to recover, but found that the dizziness just got worse and worse. I couldnt walk safely in doors at all. I thought it must be the Apixaban and my GP agreed with me. So I was taken off them. The severe dizziness improved within two weeks. Now I just have light headedness with the stroke. I also lost some of the vision in the left eye . I am taking daily aspirin now for the strokes. no nasty side effects. best wishes, Judy. (user name Cecil)

Hi Judy - do you take blood pressure tablets as well as aspirin? The reason I ask is that some BP medication can cause dizziness.  As you will know, everyone's BP goes up and down throughout the day and sometimes BP tablets can drop it a bit too low which makes laying down or bending down a bit whoozy.  I also think the heat has a lot to do with it too.  I haven't had any probs with my BP tablets but since the weather got hot, I find laying down or putting my head back eg., hanging washing out or tilting my head back to drink sets it off but it settles quite quickly after that.  

Hello dear friend. The apixaban causes bad dizzies. As soon as stopped I felt I little better. I do  take BP pills reading OK. I have felt light headed ongoing since the strokes. Best wishes judy

Hello onwards and upwards. The heat does make me dizzy. I have just been put on the blood thinner. Rivaroxaban. Do you know about this one. Hope no side effects like aplxaban. Blessings judy

Hi Cecil - I haven't heard of that particular one but hope you're OK with it and it helps with the dizziness.

Hello dear friend i is stated to be good for af of the heart which I have. Take care blessings judy

After the discovery 10 months ago of a clot in my right lung and a septic clot on th portal. vein of my liver I was put on 20mg Xarelto.  This seemed to fog my brain, cause rashes and lumps on my skin and I did not feel I was I proving at all.  I begged my GP to try something different but they refused.  3 months ago, partial loss of sight in my right eye signalled a TIA,  ultrasound found a clot in my carotid artery. They had to wait for a week for the blood thinner to get out of my stem to operate.  During that week I felt so much better that I didn't want to go back on Xarelto.  A consultation with a haematologist resulted in stopping the Xarelto and my being prescribed Apixaban plus aspirin, plus atorvastatin, candesartan, and omeprazole.  This cocktail seems to suit me and my blood pressure is normal. Though I do suffer with bouts of nausea still.  Different people react differently to the same medications, it is a matter of trial and error it seems.