Blood tests

When I had my 6 week stroke follow up the consultant sent me for some blood tests as my corrected calcium was slightly elevated. I had all sorts of blood tests done mainly in relation to bones and immune system. I got the results earlier this week which have detected an IgA Kappa paraprotein and I am now being referred to haematology to see if I have a condition called MGUS paraproteinemia. I spoke with my GP yesterday as I’ve never heard of this and they say that I will need to be monitored regularly as this condition apparently increases my chances of getting some conditions like myeloma. As there is a bit of a wait to see haematology they are going to repeat my blood tests in May. It has worried me a little and I wonder if anyone else has any experience of this condition?

@Loshy I just didn’t want to feel left out see :rofl::rofl: here’s hoping when I see haematology that things have settled. It is a bit scary when you just see these things on a bit of paper with no explanation.
I’m still smiling :blush::blush:
Take care xx

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