Blood test


The last two weeks nursing sisters have been to see me to take my blood they cannot get any blood from me I drink plenty this is worrying has anyone else had this bother I had my stroke 3 yrs ago I am now 88yrs 

Morning ...the only time it's happened to me and I remember being hooked up to a bag of fluids as was dehydrated...when you know what time the nurses are coming try and drink a couple of glasses of water before they arrive ,it may help,wish you well ...pippy ...

Thank you Pippy... I do drink a lot and it comes out the other end am waiting on appointment to have it done in the hospital.... Will let you know if they get some.. Dollymouse

Hi dolly mouse,that's good you drink plenty,and I'm sure the hospital will have more luck with taking your blood have you been ,how have you found the heat ,well up until today ,it's raining here in Essex,and bringing the army of slugs out after my seedlings and plants ...stay positive ...pippy ...

Hi pippy

Have hospital tomorrow to try and get the blood if they can't get it from the arm they will try the hand will let you know.... Yes been hot out in huntingdon cambs garden looking good slugs all drunk drinking beer

Trying to sleep I am a night owl..... Take care... Dollymouse

Hi dolly mouse ,good luck tomorrow,I'm sure they will get it ,great your garden is looking good ours is too ,yeah we have drunk slugs too,they drink far too much beer lol ...I've been with the grandchildren today to the farm ,it's run by the salvation army,they normally have a lil cafe there too but it was shut today...was a good day ...sleep well ..pippy ..

Hi pippy

I am home they got my blood no problem have to ring doctors on Friday for results....that's if you can get one

Sounds like you had a nice time at the farm

What hobbies do you do I crochet. Do diamond painting.. Knit a bit but all these are very slow now as hands don't work like they used to but we have to keep trying.. Enjoy rest of your day Dollymouse


Hey dolly mouse brilliant they got your blood ..the farm was amazing thankyou,I'm at my best around animals and the out doors ,my hobby's well since the stroke I've really taken to gardening ,I never had a hobby as my life was taken up with working full time and looking after my parents for 9 years  sadly they have both passed away,my dad just 4years ago my mum 7years ,so didn't have much time for hobbies ,I love being with the family ,but now I'm doing the gardening potting seeds my two boys have a allotment each so both have given me some of there's to grow bits looking forward to being able to drive then can get there ...I did try to crochet but gave it up I was rubbish lol ..hope you have a good day too enjoy the sun ..pippy ..

Hi pippy

Yes I nursed my mum for 8 yrs she had a stroke hence the trouble with my back now my parents were deaf and dumb but my sister and I were both OK... I lost my sister last year cancer...

I do a bit in the garden like you say planting seeds but my son he is 68 he does the lawn cutting... He lives with me after a divorce no children as he was injured in the army he is very good we get on OK we have the same temperment

Nice you can do your garden it is relaxing isn't it except for the slugs ? drinking all night... I live in a bungalow so lucky no stairs..

Well got to fill the jars for the slugs night out

You take care Dollymouse

Hey slugs are having a party tonight ,so just filling the jars for them ,nice cold beer from the fridge ,what a waste lol ...sorry to hear about your sister ,and parents mum had breast cancer my dad a stroke then dementia,that's great you have company,I love the garden I'm in and out all day ,well hope the slugs arnt singing all-night after their beer?...have a loverly evening xpippy

Hi pippy

Blood results in diebeties up a little that was a bit of naughty but nice cake well great Granddaughter s birthday

No slugs last night don't think they like my beer good they may have found another pub

Hope you are well and enjoying this nice weather

Take care Dollymouse

Morning dolly mouse ...glad your blood results were ok apart from the naughtyness?glad you enjoyed your bit of cake ,we can't be good all the time we didn't have a great deal of slugs lastnight either ,maybe they are fed up with our pub lol...just watered the garden and pulled a few snails off my plants ...yes I'm fine thankyou I had a walk yesterday on my own into the woods was loverly but had moments of anxiety ,but on the whole was ok ,hope you are well ,I'm loving the weather always makes me feel better when the sun is shinning ,hope you have a loverly day and weekend ,have you got family visiting you over the weekend take care dolly mouse ...pippy...x 

I was writing to you but some how lost it all so will try again later don't know what went wrong love dollymouse

How do you delete emails sent to you I have forgotten how

Hi there should be a waste bin you can put it into then delete it from the bin ,bit basic knowledge I have lol best of luck ...pippy ...

Hi pippy

Thank you think I found it

Well try again let's see if I lose this email

Good on you getting out on your own give yourself a star

Granddaughter popping in tomorrow with children just to pick up some books I have for them then they go and see her hubby's mum

Snails I have birds coming down they tap the snail on my tin shed to get it out think I will leave them a stick to get them out they even dip bread in my water butt or little fountain yes slugs have moved on.... My tomato plant is doing well I do like home grown tomatoesdid runner beans last year they were nice at Christmas  not bad first try you have a good weekend love dollymouse

Morning ..well done ,thankyou for the encouragement about getting out ...will be good to see your grandchildren even if it is only for them to pick something up ,how funny I've not seen a bird pull snails out for ages ,could you imagine if the birds used the stick lol ,could always leave out a pair of chop sticks ?...sounds like your vegetables are doing really well ..that's brilliant ..I really need to pot on again my beetroot they are getting big ,I've also got carrots cucumelons tomatoes strawberries,lettuce and chilli's ,not too sure what will fruit but it's given me something to do since the stroke ,it's my first time for growing bits ..I love home grown runner beans one of my favourite ,because I'm not driving yet my son is coming to collect me today to go to his ,we may do a bit of supermarket shopping,it's my grandaughters birthday and as my eldest son lives near my youngest I can walk to his and give the little one her present ....I had a long walk yesterday evening with my partner ,we walked right into the woods done about 6000 steps which was good I try to get myself to do the 10000 as recommended but only some days I'm reaching it ....hope you have a loverly weekend ,I hear temperatures are reaching 27on Monday ,much love pippy x

Hi pippy

Been a bit down lost my last friend of many years the six I knew have all gone now....

But life must go on.... Had a chest xray as I had a cough results came in today all clear so that was good news

How have you been.... I did a little In the garden today it is looking pretty with all the flowers coming out... Slug hotel doing fine but not so many now don't think they like this new beer

Going to watch the chateau on tonight I like that program

Take care love Dollymouse

Hey dolly mouse was thinking about you today hadn't seen you on the chats ,wondered if you was just having a few bad days ,so sorry to hear your sad news.but like you say life goes on and your friend would want that that's for sure ...chest x-ray results good news ,I've been doing well thankyou I went to the hospital Monday for my eye appointment and all's ok so I can drive again bit nerve racking but today was a better day I had more confidence ...yeah my beetroot are growing well and my sunflowers I planted everything is growing so quick,my god these slugs are a nuisance,think Id get my slugs to check into your hotel lol...enjoy your programme tonight ,not too sure what I'm watching I do like first dates hotel ,makes me giggle and kringe all in one ...have a loverly evening keep your chin up ,your friend would have wanted you to remember all the memories and funny times you spent together ...take it easy dolly mouse always here for a chat ...pippy x

Congratulations on driving again.... I never did learn to drive only myself mad

My eye test is in July think I will need new ones eye sight not very good since the stroke... All OK except for my legs osteoarthritis has hit my good leg around the knee so zimmer frame out for balance oh the joys of getting younger ? yes Ethel was 87 she died in her sleep she had a stroke 5 yrs ago and like you and many others love her garden... I have planted a rose tree in my garden to remember her by... You would laugh if you saw my flowers.. People say oh what's that flower called I say Sammy.. Jean. Etc I name them after my friends.. Mum and dad are there.. My sister.. My little dog who I miss very much.... So don't ask me the names of my flowers unless lable is still there.. Wonder if there are others out there like me.. Would be interesting to know take care love Dollymouse