Blood pressure

Looking for your thoughts.
I am used to the blood pressure ranges changing depending on which nurse/doctor you talk to
120/80, over 50- 130/90, below 120 etc.
So when i wake in mornings get up can feel a little light headed and weak in legs to start the day.
here is my question
I have started taking my BP about 10 mins after i wake up.
It sits around 110-112/73-75.
I am then concious that i get up and take my morning pills
Edoxoban 60mg blood thinner
Amliodiopene 10mg - blood pressure
Beta blocker 1.25mg .
I am wondering if i should talk with stroke team or GP about this.
Whether to
Change routine of tablet taking
Reduce or stop taking
Try and find out definitively what is ‘good blood pressure’
Any comments welcomed.


Congrats. on your excellent BP. It is a well known problem going from lying to standing, or seated to standing. Even my physio gets it. Your pressure is a little low for that movement, but don’t worry, there’s a simple solution. Pressurize your body by drinking a couple of glasses of water. This should be standard ops. 1st thing in the morning…

hope it makes sense,
ciao, Roland


I will try thst from tomorrow thanks


Your blood pressure looks like it’s within the normal range. I’m no expert but I imagine that taking your BP meds is what keeps it in that range.

Do you take yoyr meds before getting out of bed? I know some people take them at night time but before changing it around i’d talk to a pharmacist.

Getting up too quickly can cause a bit of light headedness so maybe get up a bit slower.

As @pando says water is a good thing to drink too.


No i get out of bed and then take my meds.
I wouldnt change how I take meds or stop taking meds without the doctors input. (and that would be a doctor not a physician assistant)
My night meds are
10 mg Rampiril
20mg Statin

I will start the water drinks tomorrow, and will talk with Doctors just to get some input.


Finally also got my cholesterol results back score was 2.2 . So will just keep plugging along


Thats a low reading you must be looking after your cholesterol well…