Blood pressure

Hello everyone I hope your all keeping well. One of the contributing factors of my stroke was high blood pressure when in hospital it was 220/115, I’m on medication for it now and it’s very well controlled this past week it’s been quite low well low for me this morning it was 85/70 could this be why I’m feeling a little light headed/dizzy. Sorry it’s probably a very simple question but I thought your the best bunch to ask.

Hi @Katielou1884 Below is a link to the NHS Website article regarding low blood pressure - it may be worth giving it a read.

Probably best to get it checked out with a GP anyway.

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Hi @Katielou1884 that does seem quite low. I think low BP can make you feel dizzy. I would get it checked out though given its lasted a week.
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Yea . That sounds low. I should have it checked. Lilian

Thankyou for all your replies I did see my gp yesterday and she said she didn’t want to mess about with my medication she’d rather the stroke team did so it might be worth giving them a call, thankyou all xx

It’s been low like that all week it usually is around 110/80 I’d noticed I had been really light headed especially when doing things at work I will keep an eye on it could just be a coincidence.

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