Blood pressure concerns

I recently posted about my concerns about my seemingly fluctuating blood pressure... I am concerned because not just consistently high blood pressure but also fluctuating blood pressure can be a strong indicator risk for stroke.  I recently wore a 24 hour blood pressure monitor which took my blood pressure every 30 mins and every hour through the night...  I have received my results and my average blood pressure was 130/81 which I am ok with.. However without any hard exercise or exertion , and by pretty much having a quiet day, my lowest reading was 103 and my highest was a worrying 221.... Because my average is ok they are not going to put me on any medication yet but want to review this at my next appointment with my consultant in February... I am going to discuss this with my GP next week because of the vast difference between readings of 103 and 221 during the day... I am worried that when my blood pressure spikes as high as 221 my risk of a further stroke increases.  I know there is medication for lowering blood pressure which my average reading wouldn't need but when my blood pressure reading spikes as high as 222 is there any medication for stabilising blood pressure...  In the past My blood pressure has never been an issue. Has anyone else experienced similar issues since suffering a stroke...  Thanks Darren

Dear Darren

How very odd. I do have a pen friend with exactly the same problem. Now you have had the medical tests I trust the docs can take action. For regular BP I take ramipril and indapamide. I started on amlpodine and that very much messed with my brain. Luckily I stopped that horrible drug before it could make the harm permanent. Post stroke I would not have noticed the side effects. 

Do let us know what the docs do for you. We need so much after care, dont we. Always something. It will improve, one day.


Thanks for your kind reply Colin.. Yes, I will let you know how I get on..  On receiving my blood pressure results they haven't put my mind at rest at all.Though my average is fine I know 103 is rather low,  while 221 is dangerously high... I'll have a chat with the GP...Has your pen friend been given any medication. There's always something, as you say.  . Thanks again Colin.. Take care...

My pen friend has had eight million medications. She seems to have a bad reaction to most medication. To be fair she has many medical issues and stroke is just the cherry on the cake. She is yet again in hospital. When she is improved and home I will try to find out what was behind her BP spikes. I am sure she told me, but my brain is so useless with recall.

My pulse rate was erratic, causing collapse and also using up too many blues and twos. Much improved this year, in fact totally improved this year. Now as my pulse drops the BP goes up. Not to 200 let alone 200+ but BP and pulse look to be linked. 

Doctors were pretty adamant that I should not persue a pacemaker.

Stroke just messes with everything. 

keep strong, you are doing well.


Thanks Colin, and I hope your pen friend feels better and able to come home from hospital real soon. Don't worry about asking about the blood pressure spikes, she has far too much on her plate to deal with already.. I have got an appointment with my own GP next week, so will discuss my concerns then.  Thank you so much for taking the time to reply... Good luck with your own recovery and keep smiling. Darren

Hi Darren I too have a similar problem, my stroke was August last year.  But luckily me blood pressure does not go as high as yours.  I range between 104 and 164, I am taking Losartin & Feldoplene (not spelt like that)!!  I am seeing my stroke consultant at the hospital in December and will raise this with him.  I brought a Osman BP monitor from Boots as my doctor thought it would be good to see when it goes up and down.  I take it in the morning and the evening, I can't see any pattern, but it will show the consultant that it happens.  
As yours goes up to 222 I would get to the doctor who will be able hopefully to put you on BP reduction pill.

Good luck Wendy

Thanks for your kind reply Wendy... I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow where I will raise all of my concerns..  They should have the letter from the hospital anyway.  Thanks again and wishing you well with your own recovery.. Take care and keep smiling , Darren x

Hi Darren,

I have concerns about my BP. They think this was the cause of my stroke. My BP at the time was well into the 220's.

In the end I had to go on a GTN drip. When I went to the GPs a few days later it was 124/68. Ten days later it was back in the 200's. ?

They have upped  my BP  ? so now take rampiril and amalodopine. I did ask the doctor how can it change in 10 days. He said it could be the adrenaline in my body and a reaction to the stroke. I went a few weeks ago to GPs and it was 150/105 so going down. At home it can be around 130/98.

It does concern me that the bottom number is high. I drink pomegranate juice because I read that it helps and eat lots of garlic. I tried beetroot juice all I can say is ?. 

So as an alternative I'm trying aromatherapy body massage. My first session was last week and I felt so relaxed and re-energised after. I had one of the best nights sleep also since the stroke. Booked in for another session this week. The aim is to get BP down. ?

Hope you get some answers soon. Let me know how you get on and keep in touch.

Rach .?

Thank you for taking the time to reply Rach...  Yes it's a concern because fluctuating blood pressure is as big an indicator for stroke as constant high blood pressure... I'm still trying to get answers... any news and I will let you know... thanks again and wishing you well with your own recovery, keep smiling..... Darren

Hi Darren

I've been to the hospital today as I'm taking part in some research for young stroke survivors. They took my BP and said it was too high and to see my GP soon. To change medication levels or start on something new. The nurse said she had high BP and it's been taken 2 years of changing medication levels and different ones to get it under control. Off to the doctor's I go next week. Hope your BP gets sorted.

Take care

Rach ?

Hi Darren, 

could also be what part of the brain was affected by your stroke. Mine was the area by the brain stem that regulates your BP so I too had the GTN drip and am on 3 meds to regulate my hypertension. I also have a good old dose of white coat syndrome and BP off the scale with GP and any other health professional but fine when I do it at home. Do it once a week now as it stresses me out! Hope all settles for you. Lorna

Hi Darren, I posted recently about my husbands fluctuating blood pressure. He had a very severe haemorrhagic stroke 15 years ago, due to high BP. Since then his BP has been stabilised with medication. 2 months  ago , without changing any tablets , or his routine, his BP became erratic. We have completely stopped drinking freshly squeezed orange juice ( google the effects of Seville orange juice in particular) for a month and so far so good. His doctor is not happy if BP goes over 160. Hope your doctor has put you on some medication by now.Good luck.Jane


Hi Rach, sorry to hear about your high BP. I'm not sure about your mobility but if you can, excersise certainly helps my husband. He goes to a gym 3 times a week and loves it. Mentally and physically it helps him a lot.The massage sounds great .

Hi Darren

I'm new to this forum and thanks for your post. My sister recently experienced a hemorrhagic stroke (sub-arachnoid) and in hospital her BP apparently was normal. However since discharge 4 weeks ago it has been extremely variable, from 101 to 202 (systolic). She's had two emergency trips to A&E. The high readings are in the evenings but seem unrelated to levels of stress, activity or tiredness. I'd be interested to hear whether you or anyone else has found any useful information or advice about treating such a variable BP pattern? Best wishes



Same as you my blood pressure was all over the place if I got up suddenly I'd have to sit again plus head felt as though there was pressure only slightly gave my reading in 3+weeks ago nobody at surgery been in touch 

I hope you hear something soon from your surgery. I get the impression that most GPs look at the average readings and need the wide range pointing out. Good luck.

Hi Clive yes Docters have asked for more blood test something amiss somewhere can't remember what nurse said memory is the pits can't even remember what I did last week, as for watching tv even worse as can't remember what channel series was on ?

Hi Darren 

I was somewhat anxious last week as my BP was reading anything between 170 systo;ic and 220 - now gota new BP monitor - so will see how we go. So far so good! Have been told that BP monors need recalibrating or can become worn out and give false readings - not in your case but worth others knowing