Blast from the past?

ok, you are beginning to get rather festive on this site ... so I just wondered who remembers a Christmas treat called Tunis Cake?  They were very popular "when I were a lass", but were gradually replaced by continental treats such as stollen, panettone etc  A few years ago, my husband joined a Facebook group to bring back the Tunis Cake, and he decided to make his own as he couldn't buy one for love nor money.  For those who have never heard of this calorie-laden offering, it is basically a madeira sponge cake, topped with a very generous layer of dark chocolate, and decorated by pink & yellow icing, with marzipan fruits in the centre.  My husband has slightly changed the decoration - not for the faint hearted!!  Merry Doo-dahs dahlings ? ?  

oh ? I have no idea why this is upside down - sorry 

That looks really tasty. I just bought some sandwich tins at the weekend to make a cake, now I’m spoiled for ideas cos John made a cake  earlier in the week and didn’t you make one last week as well. I’ll look up the Tunis Cake, I’ve not heard of it.


I thought it was an upside down cake. Without the pineapple.

I'm at a loss to know why the photo flipped - this site is a law unto itself.  

It tastes good, any way up 

It looks and sounds gorgeous. VERY calorie laden. Just my kind of cake. For his 75th birthday John wanted a traditional fruit cake. He didn’t want fuss but, because we all met in Derbyshire, I thought it important to decorate it. I had a light bulb moment and you can see the result. It was a great thing for our children and grandchildren to contribute to the occasion! The little figures were made from fondant icing bought from Tesco. All 11 of us (not counted Grandad) worked away cheering each other on, even the two year old. 

What a great way for all the family to contribute towards John's special day and create new very special memories.  Both making their figures and seeing John's face when he saw his cake.

Bet it was a picture! 


You’re right, he was delighted. Here he is with our six grandchildren 

A wonderful picture!

I also would suggest that you're a very brave lady. A selection of small people, fondant icing and food colouring all in one place at the  same time.  ??A gold medal is awarded to Veronica x

Special and unique ?

Ah what a wonderful photograph that is, surrounded by his grandchildren.

So sorry since my stoke in June I can't even remember Christmas so this is like my 1st Christmas n omg I'm finding it amazing