Having a why me sort of day '!! Recovery seems endless!

same here Jane my problem seems worse today and no explanation. I am grounded we usually go a walk now and I feel so disoriontated that I dont think I could manage a walk. I can be fine one minute and then my head goes very peculiar and all I can do is sit. I am waiting to hear the results of the MRI I had on Saturday. I hope they come up with something and then I can have a life. Norma.

When was your stroke ? I am just having a bleak day'n 

I too am having a dreadful day. I had a stomach up 

set last night, which has knocked me for six. I can't walk more than a few steps, have not eaten Lilian

Same here, what would normally be uncomfortable becomes totally impossible to cope with. Have done about 20 steps from bed to sofa to toilet and exhausted beyond comprehension. 

It is definately a 'why me' day. 

My stroke was 2017 and my head was not as bad as it is now. I had double vision and had botox in jected into the muscle of the eye and since that day my head got worse, I told the neurologist but there was no reason why it should be. I have suffered for 3 years since the botox.  Norma.

Hi Norma,  2 years on,  I have learnt / 3 x am,s a week I like to potter / I like to think of it as my workout ! I am than shattered & to bed . I accept this . BUT if my brain is WORRYING ,about ANYTHING , i.e.,  poss your MRI results,  I find I can be beyond SHATTERED ! Took me nearly 2 years to realise this though. Now try my best to stear clear of this.  

Good speaking David. 

Sorry to hear that. How long since you had your stroke? I had mine two and a half years ago.. Lilian

May 2016, so well into my 6th year. Its still very difficult and especially on days like today. Lets both hope tomorrow is better. 

Thank you for your reply.I find some days more difficult than others. I have a very supportive husband which helps me cope. Do you live alone or with a partner?I am sure tomorrow will be better. Good to talk. Lilian

Thanks for replying David my stroke is completely different fromyours I feel terribly sorry for you. You seem to suffer with lots of things. Mine sounds nothing to anybody who hasnt got it. We dont realise how your head and balance can have such an affect on everyday life. I think the MRI affected me quite a lot the banging in my head for half an hour has really upset  it. Still I carry on I have got no choice. I  am thankful I dont suffer like most people on this forum at least my legs and arms are ok. So sorry about all the moaning but I have to get it off my chest. Best wishes  Norma.Jean.

I live with my son, although hes now 29. He works a lot though, always gone when I get up. So its basically like living alone. 

Have to say, today has started in a more positive way. Little things can play on your mind and upset a whole day. I hope your day is better than yesterday. 

Thank you for your reply. I am pleased that you feel better today. I had some pizza yesterday and feel better today. I slept well and this always helps. Are you able to get out much? How mobile are you? Good to talk. Keep in touch. Lilian

Glad to hear your day is also better than yesterday. 

I have left side weakness but hobble short distances and drive an automatic. The supermarket trolly is an excellent piece of equipment and I use self scan, so there is no rush to get things on the belt and re-bag after they have scanned it and I pack as I go along. Self scan is great. Blue badge parking also helps. I have to do regular small shops as I couldnt tolerate big shops and lifting the bags in at home, but it gives me something to do. I try and do as much myself as possible and asking for help is a last resort, but there are things Im not able to do. 

Its positive that your husband is on hand for anything you cannot do, but I think we all need to do as much for ourselves as possible, within our owm limitations. I have tried things in the past and put myself into danger.....but thats life. 

Thank you for your reply. I can't manage Asda on my own yet, my husband pushes me in a wheelchair but we use the self scan. We walk there most days, my husband pushes me, we have a motor on it. It is not too far, about twenty minutes. I us-use.. a roll at or at home .I am trying to walk in the house and garden each day and have made some progress, a little. Good to talk Lilian