Bit of a worry but I am anxious any how

Just had a call to say next Tuesday my consultant wants to see me after mri images now arrived with him. I’ll be 10 weeks post stroke seems to worry me. Ive been ok around and apart from speech no issues!

Am I worrying about nothing??

Just scared me car is taken away or something else is found.

They said a physical exam is wanted


Hopefully it’s nothing @garethc970. Maybe just routine to go over results. I’m 8 weeks today since my diagnosis CT showed my stroke but only had my MRI last Thursday evening so it’s a waiting game for me.



I’d say it’s the routine follow up. You are obviously in a good catchment area of the NHS and you’re receiving the timely follow up that many have been neglected from getting. It’ll probably be to tell you what they found on the scans and how to proceed going forward.

I suggest you take this time now to write down all the questions you have to ask the consultant and naturally take your wife in with so she can back you up and take notes if need be. And hopefully this exercise may help you relax a little. Good luck for Tuesday :people_hugging:


It could well be just a routine follow up that we should all get pist stroke (we don’t all get them). As @EmeraldEyes says use the time over tue next few days to write down any questions you might have & try & relax you can’t change anything & worrying will just make you feel rubbish.

Hope appointment goes well.