Benefit advice, to get my wife home

Hi, some may of read about what we have been through the last 8 months, but my wife (age 49) suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm in August 2022 and has been in hospital ever since. She is left with a number of problems, both physically and mentally.
The rehabilitation facility where she is currently feel that she isn’t making consistent progress any longer and we have a meeting booked for 3 weeks today. They said if she starts making consistent progress she will stay where she is, if there is slow progress they will look to move her to a less intensive rehabilitation facility, but if she has plateaued they will look to discharge her either into care or home with a care package.
I asked what the home care package is and they told me 2 people would visit 4 times per day, I asked what about the times in between and they said that will be down to me or someone else being with her.
I have always said I would not want her to go into care so the only option is to bring her home, but it looks like I will have to finish work to look after her.
I have builders starting work on Monday to make a downstairs bedroom and wet room so we will be ready for her, but all that work will take most of our savings, luckily enough we have no mortgage or loans to pay each month.
I have had a look on the turn to us benefit calculator and it seems everything she will be entitled to including care allowance will total £420 per week (by the way neither of us have ever claimed anything in our lives, we both have good jobs and have only ever paid into the system), but working out our weekly costs for bills, shopping, insurances etc we need £500 per week.
How do people survive, am I missing something here ?

Not much advice, but:
If you’ve never claimed its difficult to believe how complicated the system is
Claiming is not quick - PIP has time limits for how long the condition has lasted and how long it is expected to last.
Can your wife claim medical retirement?
Get help claiming - CAB or similar.
Some benefits PIP/ESA are passports to other things like council tax discount.
Good luck

Hi, so sorry to hear about your wife and the situation you find yourselves in.

I agree with the other contributors, ESA and PIP are definitely worth looking into. I think the Stroke Association helpline would be worth a try. The Citizens Advice Bureau would also be useful.

As you say when you have never claimed anything before it’s a mine field and something you really don’t need to be worrying about with everything else going on with your wife’s recovery.

Remember to think of yourself as well. Take care and I hope you get something sorted soon.

Regards Sue

@SteveWc9 sorry to hear your story. It’s difficult times for you.

I would contact someone like CAB for benefits advice as it is a minefield. Things like PIP can take months to get sorted too.

Not sure what you do for work but would you be able to work ftom home for example? You’d be there then if you wife needed anything byt could still do some work. What about taking some sick leave until you’ve got settled? You’d still fet some pay but it would ease the pressure a bit. Could you work part time? I see you said you’re using your savings to build a fownstairs bedroom. Have you explored funding options for adaptations? Social workers / CAB might be able to advise on this.
Do you have other people who can help look after your wife too?
Sadly benefits are never enough to live off.
Just some thoughts from me. Not sure how helpful they are but hope you get sorted soon.

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This too was on my mind after my stroke - how to afford.
Every way of raising money you can think of
I even did a Gofundme which raised £3k
I got funding through a couple of ways, incl a Royal Society, and PIPs…
now I’m set, 6 months after stroke,
my cousin lent me money too, which I will pay back

good luck, and never give up asking…
ciao, Roland

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My stroke guide WEB Site (not this forum) and different strokes and the post I did “support groups” at Support Groups for Anne & anybody else 1of2

All have loads of help.

Def get advice from multiple places. There are loads of places offering advice and everyone has some unique advice so listen to them all rather than saying “yeah I know” after the 1st one or two

Get claims in early because they take a while but very backdated to claim date

Good luck

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