Being non-verbal

Hello. I’m fairly stable following my stroke in Nov 2019 which left me with no us of my right arm and very limited use of my right leg so I can’t walk far. The main problem is that I cannot speak, read or write; I have full capacity and can sign my name but when I try to write anything, the words often don’t make sense, I can’t read documents as the words are all jumbled on the page. I have also lost my well-paid role as a professional architect/CAD Manager as my disabilities no longer enable me to fulfil the role; my benefits are about 1/4 of my previous income each month so it’s no ideal.

I have attended a series of Steps to Wellbeing group sessions for support , but everyone else in the group could speak, walk, read and write albeit with some levels of difficulty in some or all of the areas.

I’m looking for company and support from people in a similar situation to mine (either who can speak or not) as I really miss the social side of life - working with people all day, having a laugh, playing cards and board games, going out shopping. My sister has been great but she has also had a stroke - thankfully she has fully recovered, but she is still at risk in the longer term and I don’t want to rely on her unnecessarily. I have carers coming in but it’s expensive so I only have them for about 45 mins Mon-Fri to cook my meals and do some laundry and light housework. It is therefore quite lonely 23 hours a day and I miss being able to go out independently.

The social worker is organising a weekly day center visit for me but I have to pay £27 a day for that; it will take a while to set up by which time I hope my state pension will have kicked in and I will be able to afford it comfortably without worrying about the cost.

So, if anyone wants to meet up online for a ‘chat’, share some jokes and a laugh, play some games or whatever, please let me know.

Cheers, Eddie

P.S. What do you call a deer with no eyes? No idea! (no eye deer!) :slight_smile: :laughing:


@Eddiestrokesupport01 welcome to the forum and sorry to hear you’ve had such a difficult time since having your stroke. It must be very lonely being on your own 23 hours a day. I have found this forum to be very friendly and full of ideas and support in the short time I have been part of it. I am sure you will find others on here who are in a similar position to yourself and plenty of us can provide encouragement and support. P.s. I liked your joke.,…………no good at jokes myself but love reading all the ones on this site.