Being breathless

I had my stroke 1st November.
I feel I am doing well but the last couple of weeks I have noticed I get breathless. Didn’t happen in the beginning, is this normal?

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@helenwool welcome to the forum. Sorry about your stroke.

As @Ingo66 says it could be a reduction in fitness or may be an anxiety thing but if it doesn’t settle quickly you should get it checked out. Breathlessness can be caused by many things including heart problems.


Thank you for your advice. I have a heart scan the end of the month booked so will wait on those results.

i cant remeber which leaflet(s) its in but breathlessness was a known side effect of the meds they put me on and i have a rattly cough and runny nose permanently now
my meds are common - clopi, candesartan, statin etc so you may be experiencing the same

Shwmae @helenwool, sorry to hear you had a stroke in November. The arbitrary nature of stroke and those struck is that, unfortunately, nothing is normal … except perhaps neurological-fatigue. I developed dyspnea about three months after stroke, I was extremely uncomfortable each day and, particularly, at night when I would switch sides, taking a, consciously, deep breath before doing so. I had a respiratory assessment at the hospital, and passed with flying colours. My first port of call was to then check medication, I was on Atorvastatin which has tightness of the chest as a side effect. My GP switched me to another statin, and the dyspnea eased but didn’t entirely subside, so I put it down to post-stroke symptoms and began a routine of controlled and Zen breathing which has helped immensely.

It’s also useful to note that during Winter, breathing can become more laboured because our upper airwaves can narrow due to the cold. I noticed, distinctly, that the dyspnea I have had intensified as soon as the temperature dropped.

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