Been out today

Hi all been out today first time since coming out of hospital scooter needed a run bit anxious but got through it shops hade more people so getting around inside more challenging but got there, next trip bus ride :woozy_face:


Yay, well done @Mickyboy really pleased you’ve managed to get out and about. It may have been more challenging but you did it. I’m sure you’ll manage the bus with your new found confidence :blush:

I love your spunk. :clap: Keep on keeping on, Mickyboy. You inspire us all. :star_struck: . This one’s for you.image


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Well done. Onwards and upwards

Great to hear @Mickyboy

Well done the bus trip will be great :+1:

Martin- Hi- I’m just curious. What prompted you to visit the forum again after so long? How are you doing now? :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

Keep forgetting same as what day it is

The days do seem to run together, don’t they? :grin: :heart:Jeanne

Thanks for support all, still suffering from my chest infection and breathing my throat getting very stiff were they operated on the artery anybody have any problems like this mick.

Sorry you’re still not feeling great. My neighbor had pneumonia and said her doctor said it would take several weeks for it to clear up, and she was a young person, around 20. So, hang in there. Sorry, don’t know about your throat getting very stiff–maybe scar tissue? Check with the doctor–maybe even a call to the nurse. Hope you feel better soon. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart: :heart:Jeanne

@Mickyboy hope your chest infection tion clears soon. A lot of it around at mo.
Sometimes scar tissue can cause discomfort on operation site. Maybe double check with GP/Nurse if you’re worried. Xx

Was going to tryi and get out Tuesday but youngest grandson has lauyggtist and can’t spesk so is of skool

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Walking was difficult and my first bus trip was daunting, having that done i had the confidence to go the train and underground. It’s seems a long time now

Martin, it’s interesting how once you do one thing, you realize you can move on to the next challenge-that you can do it. Like they say: one step at a time. Good for you to keep on keeping on. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

Well done mickyboy, we are all proud of you and your determination. If the shops seem crowded maybe try another day or time. Keep up the good work. Keep well and positive thoughts to all. Love Triciax