Battery life

I'm nine months on bilateral cerebellar infarct (plus six TIAs), I have a very short battery life. I can probably manage an hour at a time doing some sort of activity before resting (except bike riding and playing video games which I can bizarrely get through a good couple of hours or more and not notice any fatigue until I stop). What are other people's battery lives like?

I had a definite two hour slot. Just like you, some obscure tasks allowed me a longer spell. As the years ticked by the slot increased.


It's odd, making a cup of Horlicks can exhaust me, yet the other day I potted on about eighty Woodland Sage seedlings and felt fine for the hour and a half. Some chores I never liked such as putting on the duvet covers are very fatiguing. Conversation drains my battery quite quickly. 

It does seem that duvet covers are a prime case of difficulty for many SS. I dont use a duvet. There are some advantages of being old and old fashioned !
Is the issue that the task will need doing again the next day/week . Whereas potting on seedlings is done, achieved, finished. 
for years i have struggled making my bed, but it got easier as time ticked by and now it is ok. Although to stay ok i have to make my bed as soon as i get up. I have ten tasks on getting up. 

my only major recovery success was discovering that my brain could not cope with an echo. So any PA system sent me into a state of meltdown. When i realized the issue, my brain sorted it.


my wife goes away for four days this week. If i am clever, this will be an easing. Or it may cause a wobbly. 

Mine is a 9 week old mild stroke but yes the ? battery can get low my stroke team I'd teaching me to manage the fatigue it helps hoping to go back to work for 8 hours a week if my battery can cope with it I have 8 weeks to improve then we will see

Hopefully, they'll organise with you a work schedule, so you avoid hitting any brick walls. I hope it all goes well. I write, so got back to work straight after my stroke, but has been slower going. Have purposefully been trying not to spend long periods in front of a screen. At first, the confusion and brain fog made thinking hard, but recently my brain has been clearer and more focussed. I'm now eleven months on since that last post. The last month has seen a greater improvement, about 15% from the incremental 1-2% I had been experiencing for the first ten months.

Thanks yes my firm has been ok and I am looking at 10 hours a week at most will only do jobs that I can handle all the best des