Basil ganglia Parkinson's?

Is there more of a chance if u have a basil infarct that u develop Parkinson's I asked my a stroke nurse that came into my workplace and she couldn't answer me seeing if anyone here can ?

Hi, i had my stroke in January of this year in the same region (left basal ganglia). Now left with poor Balance, cognitive problems,Ā  asphasia and chronic fatigue. I looked into it on internet and it said this type ofĀ  stroke symptoms mimicks Parkinsons and is called 'parkinsonism'. I too would like to know about the chances of getting full blown Parkinsons.... I have a Tremor that comes and goes which is a bit alarming. Im going to ask the Dr at local hospital next week when i go. If you get any answers can you let me know? ThanksĀ 

Dear Sunshine

You have pretty much outlined how I was one year after a stroke. Havent heard about it relating to Parkinsons. What I would like to say is that all my symptoms eased over many many months. The Aphasia was 95% better after 18 months. The other stuff has eased very very slowly. I dont notice any improvement until I look back at how things were one year ago. Its too gradual to notice.

So please take heart and keep on doing all the "right" things. espcially getting the right amount of sleep. If I dont get the sleep then all the symptoms take control.

Do be positive and do smile at least 4 times a day.

Best wishes


Thank you for your reply, its very reassuring when you hear others going through the same thing. Yes i agree about sleep,Ā  this is an area i struggle with at night i keep getting restless legs. And if i overuse my arms during day i get awful shooting pains too. Yes, trying to be positive. ThanksĀ 

Dont fret about waking during the night. Set yourself a few minutes to get back to sleep, then if still awake go to another location. Spare room or, as I do, the lounge. I slept in the lounge till 4am last night but it was good solid sleep. Then I went to bed for a few more hours.

Things improve and in no time you will be sleeping satifactorily.

Odd about your shooting pains. I get imaginery tooth ache. It is so realistic, but its the brain and not my teeth. At least your brain is connecting to your arms. There is nothing wrong with any limbs or digits. Its the brain sending messages incorrectly. So much we need to learn

Sleep well tonight



Good adviceĀ yes thanks ColinĀ 

Its only my experiences of being a SS. I had people help me and now I am fit enough to help others. And I like helping others.


Hi Colin my husband had a basel ganglia stroke last july all he wants to do is walk again is it possible

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