I know I go on about this a lot, but cooking and baking after stroke have done two things for me. Firstly, I have to use my weak hand; secondly it gives me a sense of achievement. Since my stroke, I have bought several aids to help me, but I still get frustrated and swear a lot. But I can produce a decent cake!


Looks lovely!
Just a small slice for me, please :wink:

Looks lovely John Jeff, glad to see you’re still baking. I’ve made all my Christmas cakes, just have to marzipan and ice them now.

I hope you’ve put something stronger than just jam and cream in that filling. Looks delicious John, I envy your baking skills. Love your attitude in combining a passion with rehabilitation. :smiley: Don’t worry about cussing, it salves frustration.

It looks truly truly scrumptious :+1:

Well baked JJ.
I can cook three things. A casserole, a summer pudding and an apple cake.
Now how do I get the energy to do one of these?
And where have I put my folder of how to cook.
Perhaps I need to create a folder to list where the various folders are lurking. Or is there a flaw somewhere.


hi i too had to buy things to help to make things easy for myself to cook like john my left hand and arm is very weak in fact my left side i dont have any muscle over the years they have wasted away. and i do swear quite a bit lol i would just as well not having my left arm its totaly usless at times.its so frustrating at times

Hi John,
Seriously impressed with your baking skills! The ‘can do’ attitude is great, especially when you can benefit from the effort with a terrific cake!
Onwards and upwards.

Thank you Stewart. It’s always an effort, but it makes me use my brain and my weak hand. When I first came home I couldn’t cook or bake despite a lifetime of doing so. Learning to do so, albeit in a different way, made me feel useful again.

Your cake looks delicious, it is a very good hobby to have. My limit is Apple Crumble.

Thanks Crick. It makes me use my wonky hand. I’m just glad to still be able to do it.