Baking cake

Afternoon all ,today I made a cake the first one since I had the stroke ,thank goodness for alarms on Alexa ,I've got them out of the oven but my mind still thinks they are in the oven ,it's shocking I keep thinking I'm gonna burn them ...I was never like that before but I've learnt one thing from it I can still do it all ,...pippy..


Fantastic pippy, hope it tastes good for you


Hey let's hope so ,my mind has calmed down now ,and no burnt cakes ,I used to always bake without even thinking about it but this tested me it's a birthday cake,I've still got to ice it ,think I've taken on more than I can chew a challenge ,how you feeling today ? Hope your ok I'm making the cake a space one ,if it turns out ok I will send a pic if it's rubbish I definitely won't ,...and it won't be as good as the one one my  grandaughter had done for her ....but its another step in the right direction ...have a positive day ...pippy 

Hi pippy trying to be positive but the anti depressants are messing me up big style at the moment. Hope you are doing good


Hey mentally or physically,mine gave me the poops so stopped them ,maybe GP can try you on another ,how long you been on them ,there are so many out there it might be a case of keep trying the ones your on or change them ,I tryed 2 lots then gave up they made me physically unwell ...well finished my cake 

Very nice

Might have to contact gp sever tiredness and cant go far from the loo and feels like it's making my anxiety worse. I'm on setraline 50mg. Btw



Thankyou ?

Yeah that's one of the ones I tryed made me really dizzy too so stopped them both after 1 tablet and thought I'd rather deal with my anxiety through counselling,which it's taking a few years but I think I'm getting there this phycologist I'm seeing now is really good and she is part of the stroke team so maybe if you decide to stop them talk to your stroke team and ask to see the phycologist,...pippy 

Thanks I will talk to gp first to see what they say


Yeah good idea it's horrible feeling like we do without feeling worse because of medication all the best ...pippy ...

Spoke to my gp today about the meds side effects and said they were normAl and try to ride them out, easy for him to say but am gonna try.Thanks for asking really kind


Hi well done hopefully it will get easier for you,yeah I know they are normal but my body hated them this was before the stroke and I couldn't take them while working ,I'd be saying to my patients sorry gotta nip to the loo ,not ideal lol try and ride them out ,at the end of the day you can only try ,make sure your drinking plenty of water don't get dehydrated if your in and out the loo all-day ..have a loverly evening ...pippy ..

I've got relatives taking setraline, seems to work for them. The first few weeks will be unpleasant, but better to know that it is the adverse effects and not something else. For me, it took my mind off stroke stuff for a period. I got to recognise med effects as opposed to stroke symptoms and knew what I was dealing with. Although, increased dizziness is one of the worst, especially for me, as my stroke symptoms include dizziness but if I was having a particularly dizzy day, I put it down to compounded dizziness. Anyway, hope it provides some relief. If it is too difficult to manage at times, ask your GP for benzodiazepines to cut you some slack. My GP said it was worth it just to not to have to put yourself through a rough patch and seek some relief. They work fast too. 

Great  advice pippy, hopefully the loo visits slow down especially as I'm not as fast on my feet as I was..can I ask did you sleep ok on them


Thanks rups some pretty rubbish side effects to start with but hopefully will improve.


I only took one so never found out ,but they do put your body a bit out of sync for a lil while ,...are you sleeping ok ,..pippy ..

Not really get but so tired so hopefully tonight


Hi rich,how you feeling ...pippy ...