Back to work

Hi @Jakemilnes-green
This is a good place to express your frustrations :slight_smile: and you’ll get a sympathetic and knowledgeable ear.

I don’t know if the 70 odd posts you’ve already read have given you a feel for the forum and especially the sorts of norms and extremes that can encompass one person’s stroke journey? If not you might find the welcome post useful.

I suggest a large part of your journey is recalibrating what you are capable of and as emerald says neither you nor your workplace is likely to have had a good idea of what a stroke survivors range of abilities might be.
You also have to benchmark now what is the right level for you. For example do you get fatigued? Are complex chains of reasoning still easy to grapple with? is multitasking something that comes naturally and easily, are all your physical capabilities intact?

As others have said it would be worth having conversations about whether your capacity and your role continue to be matched. With a week or a month’s worth of experience of doing a work role perhaps you have evidence to justify increasing or decreasing some of the aspects of the complexity or load?

With respect to the anxiety and depression there are several routes forwards. Medication eg an SSRI may be called for. Many of us don’t like the idea of antidepressants but they do have an effective role for many strokes survivors. Also understanding the vicious circle between anxiety’s physical and mental cause and effects can help to position one for mindfulness techniques such as breathing and meditating. You’ll find there is a fair amount of background on the how and why in the posts already in the forum.

Use the magnifying glass at the top of the page to search the forum for posts. I certainly posted a graphic of anxieties effects and many people have posted about their experiences and strategies to cope .

Good luck on your journey



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