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Afternoon just a little update I had my stroke in April this year ,I've been back at work 4 weeks this week ,I started off graduated with one day for 3 hours ,I'm now upto 4 days 6 hours,I'm not going to lie it's tough going and I'm not even sure I'm going to be able to manage full time again but I think unless I try it I'm never going to know ,I've also had a loop recorder inserted in the last 2 weeks and yesterday I started councelling,I've got to get help with my OCD ,anxiety which has been made worse since the stroke and also they think a truma as a child and I'd burried has been woken up by the stroke ,so have a lot to deal with ,my fatigue is still absolutely shocking but I'm still having a go at everything,so please everyone as much as the stroke has distroyed us we are all still here try and live each day the best we can and don't give up at the first hurdle,I've cryed many tears but I'm not ready to give up ,my work have been amazing ,my friends too and so are my family ,all try and stay as positive as you all can and don't be afraid to ask for help much love pippy x

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Glad to hear your news but try not too over do it too much. Still waiting to hear from ESA but hey oh on we go all the best des

Thankyou des ,I'm actually going to reduce my days for a bit longer just doing 3 days now instead of 5  hope your ok ..pippy 

Ok glad to hear it still waiting to hear from ESA all the best des

Hello Pippy, glad to hear you are surging forwards, and taking steps to manage anxiety, and that OCD. A few years ago, my father (who is 83) started having night terrors where he would wake up frozen, unable to move, and feeling trapped. He was even taken into hospital but was physically okay. In conversation with some of his other family members, he learnt that, unbenknown to him, as a child he was trapped under rubble during the blitz, and he had to be dug out. As soon as he uncovered this fact, the night terrors stopped. 

I think it is amazing that you have returned to work. If you think about the processes the brain has to go through when doing something simple like preparing a meal from a written recipe while talking to someone in the kitchen at the same time, the amount of signals needed to be active during that process is immense. It's physical and cognitive, talking, reading, moving, thinking. Therefore, imagine what it takes to do something as you are doing at work. It will naturally be stretched to its limit, and inevitably fatigued because of that. I hope they give you adequate rest time. 

Hi Rups aww your poor dad it's a awlful thing reliving situations ...I'd hidden my past as much as I could but the stroke has dug up things I wanted forgotton ...but so now I'm having to relive them and at the same time having therepy for it have been really good so far which is a big plus hopefully it will continue ,but we will see ,I've taken myself back to 3 days of 6 hours then next week in 3 days full time ,but the Tuesday and Thursday I'm using up my annual leave and build myself up and if after all that it don't work then it's time to change to another department ,but all I can do is try ...yes the brain is a really powerful thing I'm coping with most of it but struggle when someone gives me a number I forget it seconds after do my uniform has post it notes in lol ....had a meeting with the stroke nurse today explained I wanted to take CBD oil for my anxiety so seeing GP Friday ,after a bit if researching myself I found it contraindicates with some of us stroke victims take ,mainly the ones you should avoid grapefruit with because if the enzymes.but hopefully little by little it will all turn out ok hope your doing well all the best pippy x

Hi  Pippa how are you geting on with your loop recorder. I had one fitted a month ago and it isnt on the shoulder as it used to be but farther down. I think it gives us peace ofmind. Hope you get better from your anxiety I suffer from that and it isnt nice at all. Still as you say eep going thats all we can do. Norma.

Hi Norma yeah was quite sore for a little while but not too bad now ,yes I thought it would be further up than it is ,but it's ok....anxiety is a demon ? I really struggle with it to the extent it stops me doing things,I'm thinking of trying the CBD oil but have to check with my GP as it contraindicates with the statin and clopigergel and my bisoprolo so need to check and maybe adjust some meds ...have GP Friday so will check ,hope your doing ,Autum is definitely here and the dark evenings ,but on we go with all our worrys ,take care pippy x


Thanks for replying Pippa I take a lot of medication as well but not antidepressants as the doc use to keep on to me about taking them. I did yoga for 10 years and I use the breathing and meditation to help me with anxiety. It is much better to do it the natural way. I hope you go on alright. Best wishes Norma.

Yes, this is important, especially with natural remedies as often sensible information can be drowned in a lot of hyperbole. I too have been looking into some natural remedies, but treading carefully as they are similiar to CBD but still in trial stages of research. At the moment I take 20 mg of citalopram, but it's also a medication used to treat panic disorder, and so far, so good, but the first month of taking them was vile. It's all settled down now, but I still get flushes of anxiety just not so much. 

I use the BNF website for checking contraindicated medication ( You are probably familiar with it. Surprisingly, I've managed to dissaude my GP from prescribing specific meds as he hadn't checked the med interactions, so being informed can make a huge difference. 

One mild natural remedy for anxiety that I use on occassion is lemon balm tea, it seems to be okay, but apparently it shouldn't be drunken every day, long-term.


Hi rups I tryed to take citalopram but just did not agree with me I only took one tablet and was so ill so gave it up but as my counceler says there's so many different ones to try but I'm apprehensive with them all I'd rather have something natural ...I'm going to chat with my GP on Friday about CBD ..I need something ,,so good you get on with them ..pippy x

Hi if you're talking specifically about anxiety/anxious feelings, I've tried loads of things. I really wanted to try 'natural' solutions and found the following to be  helpful - mindfulness and meditation, joined a gym, Tai Chi and Yoga sessions, acupuncture, reflexology, Gong baths, joined walking and crochet groups, it sounds overwhelming when you read it but it's a session here and there during the day and early evening while I'm off work. I also like to read daily positive quotes, they seem to lift my mood and set me up for the day. I no longer have caffeine and little/no alcohol

Hi bluebelle,there's a few avenues you have suggested I've tryed like the meditation mindfulness ,but maybe there's overs in the list I could try ,my problem with that is I don't like to be around people,since the stroke I feel people are judging me ,thankyou for the ideas thou ..pippy x

hello, bring tears when I read how we all are trying to survive through anxiety and fatigue after stroke.

it has been two and half years since this anxiety and fatigue has not left me alone. Working full time or half-day or on furlough after midday I become so aggressive and angry, I have to keep telling my children please stay away from me. i am tired. i think so i use this sentence all the time now. one more thing please be careful I was on clopidogrel for the year and so all this time I beg my consultant to reconsider as I started having periods which I have not in my forty years of life at the time also keep eye on any kind of headache.

be careful with a statin as well. there is a different kind of statin, mine has killed my muscles. please keep eye on the medication some effects will show up after four or six weeks.


God bless you and all. X

oh my God. I feel for you I was and still exactly the same. Then in one of my mental health classes, I have been taught reduce the your social circle and avoid communicating with those who hurt you and do not understand you. little note sometimes those people can be very close family. you just have to ignore moderately and say sorry i got to go feeling a bit rough. let them know in short sentence and stay away. it is so shocking that on this website when you read about how others are feeling after a stroke is as same as you have been and shame your gp or no one tells you.