Back to work

Morning all ,well I'm returning to work tomorrow at graduated return ,I have really mixed emotions about it but hoping I can still do the job I won't be like I used to be but I'm going to give it my best shot ,wish me luck I will tell you tomorrow how it went ,hope you all have a great day ..pippy x

Hi Pippy, The very best of luck tomorrow. I have to discuss a reintegration/back to work plan with my employer this week so please do let me know how you get on! Alison xxx


Thankyou Alison ,I'm going back one day for 3 hours then the following week I'm doing 2days of 4 hours and just building up gradually but when I'm nearly built up to full time I'm going to take a couple of days annual leave each week or other week to make it a shorter week ,if I can't manage it I will be asking to be transferred to another department until I find one that suits me ...good luck with going back too I'm quite nervous to be honest ..pippy x 

I do hope all goes well prayers with you with best regards des x

Thankyou des means a lot just hoping my anxiety holds up and physically I can do the job still but I will look at it as a challenge ,and this is how ive looked at the his stroke as being a challenge ,but need to go back as full pay comes to a end ,and as there's not a lot of help for us stroke survivors financially I have no choice but to try x

I hope you have a good run of it, and get breaks when you need it. I'm sure you'll do well but I imagine this is also going to be a challenge, so wishing you all the best with it. laugh

Yeah thanks rups I'm definstly going to give it a good go ...I'm only there for 3 hours but it's what happens in them 3 hours I work on busy cardiac unit so we will see ...but thankyou ..pippy x

Hope it goes well I have been in SSP for three months and three-months to go but as it's only 96 pound a week glad my wife works but it's tight. With best wishes des xx

You wont need luck, you will do great. 

I have sensed a strong positivity from your previous posts. Extremely determined. 

I managed to get back to part time work from home after 18 months. I was determined. Alas after a further 2 years, I decided to apply to medical retirement. I just didnt feel I was able to do the job justice, but I suceeded in my initial goal. 

Go for it. 

Yeah it's so tough as there's not a lot of financial help for us ,my work gives me full pay for 6 months then goes to half pay for 6 months then it all stops ,so going back as I need full partner works but we still have mortgage ,that's good your wife is working it's a bit less of a worry ..pippy x

Thankyou so much I was determined from the start ,and stubborn lol...good you succeeded in your goal ,I could take early retirement but to me I want to give work a go and early retirement is last resort's been a struggle but I'm getting there and being positive helps so much ,I'm not always positive some days I have a good cry but I wouldn't be normal if I didn't ...I'm going to go into work tomorrow and try my hardest,and I will keep giving it my all and hopefully will pay off but if it doesn't it won't be for not trying ,but it will work if not on my ward I will work somewhere in the hospital ...thankyou for your kind words ...pippy x

Let me know how you get on all the best des x 

I will do des and thankyou x

Hi Pippy - just wanted to wish you all the best for tomorrow. Make sure you don't overdo things and have a break when needed. You'll be just fine...

Karen x


Thankyou so much Karen ,I'm hoping it will go well ..pippy x

It does seem a daunting prospect! I hope all goes well! I have my fingers crossed for you xxx

Thankyou it's going ok ATM ,very daunting x

Afternoon ,well went to work was really anxious but new I had to do it ,I arrived on the ward to lots of hugs from work colleagues I spent a while trying to sort out my passwords so was on the phone to IT for a while ,I met mist of my patients had chats with them done a few tests and recorded them ,it actually didn't feel any different I got straight back but it was only fit 3 hours ,I feel bit tired but to anyone thinking if going back to work please just try it ,I never thought it would be as easy as it was .but I must remember it was only 3 hours ,but thNkyou for all your good wishes I'm sure it helped having you all behind me it really helped thankyou ,I've got 2 shifts next week ,don't think I will be as nervous next time ,I had to be positive and believe in my ability to achieve it ...thankyou all so much ♥️

Glad it went well so happy for you. As for me fatguie and balance is still a problem and as a community care work I have to be able to work at speed  something I cannot do so who knows what lays ahead. Only got four years to pension lol

Thankyou des ,yeah I understand I'm at HCA,at the hospital it's fast paced work but I've decided I'm going to slow my pace right up ,I was working faster and harder than the young ones but after this no more  ...4 years that's good lvE got 8 x