Back to work

Morning all, its taken me half an hour to navigate this supposedly new easier to navigate site!  In the help part it says to start a new discussion you just press Forum then create a new discussion.  Well I could not find the Create a new discussion button there.  It was by accident that I found this!!!

Any way, I returned to work two days a week last September, I worked for free so that I could see if I was up to it, I did this until Christmas as I do love my job as a TA.  After Christmas I spoke to my head who is really great and we agreed that we would change my contract from full time to 10 hours a week as that is all that I could manage,  she contacted HR to arrange the change.  Now I have been told that I have to go to see the Occupational Health people, they wanted me to drive an hour away to do this which I have refused to do as I only manage local trips since returning to work, so they have now arranged for this locally next week.  I still have not been paid, but my head assures me it will be back dated.  I am now getting worked up about this OH meeting next week are they going to decide that I can work more than I can! My head and I have made all the changes I need at work for me to manage. Occupational Health work for the Academy Trust not for me, so what are they up to or am I just being over sensitive.  Any one been to one of these meetings? Any advice?  



From my own experience of OHS, they were there to ensure I was fit enough to work in the job and hours agreed with my employer. They were not pushing me to do more. I think you will find them very supportive.