Back to work

Hello Everyone,

I go back to work tomorrow (first time in seven weeks),I'm a little nervous, although I'm only doing 2/3 days a week. I think getting myself out and about and being reasonably busy, helps for my recovery. Much better for me, than just sitting at home all the time. But today I'm celebrating my Birthday,I've been given a new Fitness Watch(hopefully it should help me?), I'm getting much much better as the weeks pass, but always aware  of what happened to me(I'm fortunate that I still have most of my faculties), But I realise I'm more dependent on others.

A day I thought I'd never reach, it's good to be here!


Happy Birthday Brugge!! smiley

Hope you have a lovely day before you go back to work tomorrow. Do remmeber to pace yourself, and don't do too much too soon.

Take care


Thank you