Back to work with walking stick

Going into to work tomorrow afternoon after 4 months and I’m going have to go in with my walking stick

Going in for a chat with a manger and to see changes and then work from home from Tuesday

I’m 40 and I’m worried what people will think of the walking stick


I honestly doubt they’ll think much other than maybe to enquire after your health, maybe a few jokes depending on yours and their sense of humour. That’s will be the least of your concerns.

The good people of this forum have been giving out lots of use advice on returning to work in this post, linked below, which you might also find useful.

Good luck with your restart back to work and wish every success :smile:


Good evening.

Is this the start of a phased return?

But no reason to be worried. For those who get the privilege of seeing you will be thrilled! Brace yourself for all the smiles, the hugs… and the questions. And get ready to repeat yourself over and over :wink:



@RaksP i don’t have a walking stick but i do drag my leg when i walk. I was worried about what colleagues would think but they haven’t batted an eyelid. Instead they all think i’m a great person because i’ve managed to get back to work & they can’t do enough to help me.

I’m sure they will all be thrilled to see you back in the office, even temporarily.

Good luck. Hope the meeting goes well.

Ann x



Wish you all the best,take it at your own pace,dont be pushed.




Thanks guys will Let you know how it goes


No one said anything the walking stick they were all nice to me.

Let’s see how working from home goes next week


That sounds really positive @RaksP

Good luck with returning to work. Let us know how it goes.


Oh Jeez! Well done and best of luck. Take it easy and look after yourself. Like us all, learned the hard way YOUR HEALTH COMES FIRST, so don’t take chances. Bet they will be pleased to see you. xx

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Ibuse a stick,i felt a bit embarrassed at first i was only 51.but now i have 8 in all different colours,one has a silver wolf head,some are glittery,and i co ordinate the colours with whatvi 'm wearing,lots of people ask me where they’re from so i know they like shops,etsy,and markets is where.i have only paid the most for the wolfs head one,think it was £21…but its my favourite animal so i love it…also have 6 walking
stick umbrellas the long ones with the curved handle in pink,gold,leopard print,sparkly black etc.i wouldn’t be without one now,sometimes i co ordinate them with a hat…my boyfriend thinks i’m hilarious but you know what?i dont care i’m still alive so i’m making the most of it…i hope it goes well for you and don’t be afraid just style it out and bugger what anyone else thinks,theyve not had a stroke so they don’t wishes to you.x


And I think that’s the best attitude to have post stroke, use it to bring out the inner you :laughing:

I am now starting to do a couple steps inside which is fantastic! So you guys are right if I need it when I go out I need to remember when I couldn’t even walk!


That’s fantastic @RaksP you’ll soon get the step count up. Amazing progress. Keep going x


That’s excellent news @RaksP that’s progress for you and you keep on moving forward a few steps more each time. Before you know it you’ll be walking with confidence and the stick will become more of a precaution than a necessity :smile:

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Try not to overthink it. Your work will work with you on a phased return - mine did. Also be honest with yourself. I wasn’t initially as my thinking was ‘I’m back now’ and tried to do to much too soon. My employer was really supportive. I wish you well and hope to hear about your success in returning to work and your recovery journey

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Well done RaksP,

Keep going evry step is a milestone,be proud of what youve achieved so far.