Back to work but when and will I be able too

I was thinking of going back to work as I work in the community as a carer been one for 22 years. However after listening to various people I think I will put it back till September as my stroke while mild is only five weeks old.  However as I still might need a stick  from time to time to walk with my HR dept might not let me work again with them.  As my wife works and my stroke is mild there is not slot I can claim from the benefit system which I paid into for 45 years. So any advise I will carry on getting stronger but SSP runs out after six months and strokes can take time to get over. Thanks des

Hi just read your post have you thought about going back to work part time at first?I've just gone back to work after 14months post stroke,not entitled to benefits either so relied on my partner's wage.was terrified of going back at first because I have balance issues and use a stick but I bit the bullet got in touch with my manager,we had a meet and discussed what I felt I could/couldn't do and I now do two days of three hour shifts on shop floor to ease me back in.i take my stick with me but hardly use it when I'm there hoping by xmas to build up to three it might be worth you having that chat with your boss seeing what you can do and have a trial run,but only when you're ready don't rush back too soon.still early days wishes Bernadette x

Thanks yes in 8 weeks I will see how I am itsthe tiredness that gets me I am in SSP my stroke is only 9 weeks old thanks des

Hi how are things going with you fatigue is still a pain but stroke team is teaching me to manage it but this year does not help all the best des x

Hello Des, I had my stroke in Dec 2020, I was hoping to be back at work by March, now we are looking at hopefully me going back end of Sept, not sure if that will happen yet, as I am still recovering.  I received ssp which finished after 28 weeks, I thought what am I going to do financially, I had a call from welfare rights and they siad I could claim esa (employment support allowance) which I receive now.  I think you can find the info on  Hope this helps, stay strong and good luck with your recovery.  Julie

I think strokes can be kind of deceptive in that way. Early on, progress feel more rapid because neuroplasticity is hard at work doing repairs, but winds down after four to six months, so recovery progress also then starts to slow down, and we are left with the residual issues, fatigue being one of them which can take years to manage adequately enough to cope with routines we once would have easily balanced between our leisure and working life.

I had my stroke in September 2020, and I remember thinking soon after that I aimed to be rehabilitated enough by summer 2021, but here we are, summer, and although I feel on the mend, I am certainly not where I aimed to be! I have thus lowered my expectations, and have a two year goal instead, and if improvements outpace that goal, then great, but if not, I'll stick with the two year milestone and extend it if needed. It's all a work in progress.

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Thanks yes I can get stamp based ESA front year but after that itsmeans tested and as my wife works nothing. Hoping to do about 8 hours a week hope you return to work goes ok all the best des x

angryhot hot hot! Shouldn't complain it will be raining soon it is Britain after all! This weather definitely doesn't help with stroke fatigue do you find yourself getting tireder quicker?I think because the nights are so sticky sleeping is difficult,luckily I booked this week off are you feeling?hope you are  bit more positive it does take time tho and patience to learn what's the new wishes Bernadette yes

Thanks I am having a meeting in September but being a carer means I can only do limited work  I am going to ask or should I say apply for ESA limited work capacity the questionnaire is based around household task which have nothing to do with work still who know but at the moment it's fatigue that is the problem after one hour or two I am washed up. Hope all is going well des

Thankyou all is not too bad at mo,been extremely tired this week but I think hot weather has affected my sleep good luck with the application.take it steady best wishes Bernadette smiley