Back pain

How to cope with back pain.

Have you tried a foam roller I tried few days  ago because my back goes into a spasm and it helped a great deal

I just noticed your comment on back spasms.  I guess muscle spasms are common with stroke.  I had bad leg spasms.   It kept me from sleeping.  A nurse in the hospital commented "too bad we can't give CBD oil" (it's not yet FDA approved).  As soon as I came home I ordered some on line from Ancient Life Oil -- 20 mg drops under tongue--sometimes needed 2 doses.  It kicked in within 1/2 to 1 hour-stopped the spasms.  I checked with my GP and cardiologist first . Both said OK. the GP said a lot of her patients use it.  Just an idea. Love, Jeanne

Back pain but now on Ibuprofen and heat pads. There is a slight improvement but I am very sleepy. Hope things will get better. Lilian

I'm so glad I saw this article as I have had back pain. I could not understand why so will be reading through this to get ideas

So glad to get a reply. I have recently been.diagnosed with arthritis and prescribed strong painkillers. These did not suit as they made me sleepy. I am now only taking one at night and trying to walk a little bit further every day. It is not easy and I am very grumpy! The sun is shining though and I am being positive. I hope your back pain eases.Thank you for texting. Regards Lilian

Your lucky to have a doc that spurts it 

Your lucky to have a doc that spurts it 

Tried so many things for back pain including lots of physio exercises! I have arthritis and some spinal issues but have found a water based mobility exercise class and infrared therapy helps to some degree. I have to use a crutch or walking pole which can be adjusted for my height as I can't maintain upright posture for very long!

What is a foam roller? Lilian

If you go to home bargains they sell for£7.99 it looks like a tube hope this helpsblush

Thank you for that. I do go to Home Bargains and will look for them. Lilian