Back in UK

Well I made it back home, still with limited sight,slurred speech,emotional feelings combined with mental health issues . But at least I was fully mobile, I guess I was fortunate, it could have been so much worse. I'll never be the same person I was again, but I appreciate life more, after  all, it goes by so fast. I went to my doctors surgery a day after I came back, and was given a prescription for different medications. The doctor wanted to know why I'd come all the way from Belgium to see him,no kidding! I was told that an appointment will be made for me up at my local hospital, to date I'm still waiting(almost 6 weeks now). I've also decided to change a few of my previous lifestyle   habits. No Alcohol, No Smoking, No Sugar and No junk food like I'm also doing two,thirty minute walks a day, I've already lost over twenty eight pounds(two stone) in weight! It's a lifestyle change that I'm keeping to, I don't want a second stroke just yet if I can help


Really good work Brugge, it takes a huge amount of will-power to keep to that regime - respect.