Back from the cinema

Another successful trip ou to our local picture house to see the latest Fishermend Friends movie.

Managed to overcome an in considerately parked car taking up the disabled place with the support of the cinema staff
Film was good got great seats and easy access to the toilet s.


Yay well done to you. Hope you’ve recovered from your fall the other day too.

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Yes recovered from my floor bouncing journey, the film was a great distraction thankfully

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mrfrederickson – You’re teaching us all how to live. :grinning: :heart:Jeanne

It is good to get your news. Glad you had another successful day, you must be pleased it went so well.
Take care and keep leaning forwards, :wink:

Always moving forwa, need to find another film to book, my dear lady is on with that task meantime I must not fall over for a period of one month

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That’s the idea, mrfrederickson! And after you accomplish not falling over for one month, you can work on not falling over for two months, right? :fireworks: :trophy: :smiley: :heart:Jeanne


Sounds like a good plan

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