Baby hedgehog

I have rescued a baby hedgehog from our garden pool this morning I saw movement and as we have no fish I wondered what it was and thank goodness I saw him in the plant. we have got hedgehog food crushed it up small and he seems to be thriving. He is in a cardboard box with a hot waterbottle with a towel on top he keeps climbng  trying to escape so we are keeing watch. Thought I would let you all know as I feel so happy that I found him in time. We feed hedgehogs nightly so we are experts. Norma.

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Well done for being vigilant. & feeding them the right food. Years ago I put sloping board in pool to allow hedgehogs & other creatures to climb out Paul strike (Pds)

Well done norma such amazing lil animals,that's lucky you noticed it ,happy ending for the lil hoglet x

yes great isnt it he is curled up in a towel fast asleep now. we have a family in ur garden and feed them every night. So he will be reunited with his mom later we hope.

We have got a rock one end of the pool for them to climb out but he is so young I dont think he had the strength to do that. I am so glad I spotted him. 

Lovely that you are caring for your baby hedgehog. I hope he continues to do well. Lilian

That is a fantastic story well done ,and the mummy won't be far away ,let us know how the hoglet gets on x

Thank you Lilian.All is well now he is back with his family. Norma.