Autumn is rushing by

Another little bit of trivia.

I will start by saying how much I can now do. Recovery is so very slow but it does come. Never give up, you can have good recovery to the new you.

This year I am getting along much better with tidying the garden ready for winter. 

As I was empting most of my pots and troughs, I noticed that Bizy Lizzies are still colourful. They have outdone the geraniums and the petunias this year.

So a snap is attached. The flowers at the rear are grown in six of my worn out wellington boots. Have to replace the compost each year, but it works quite well. One year I did Daffs and they were OK, but the bizzy lizzy are better


Sooooo Beautiful you’re so amazing ? 

Thank you Colin! Very uplifting and inspiring sight. I am looking forward to the day I can plant my pots with colourful and beautiful flowers again. laugh

My enthusiasm with the autumn flowers has been diverted by continuous rain today. Even the cat is niggly.

But at last I have started to sort out my study, just a bit at a time.