Autoimmune Disease - risk of stroke

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It took 10 days after being admitted to hospital, due to suffering a stroke, to be diagnosed with SLE, APS and Factor V Leiden. It really was a lot to hear after being a healthy 21 year old. All of these conditions increase the risk of having blood clots. It often feels like a lot to manage.

Are there other people here who also have autoimmune conditions that increase the risk? How do you manage the condition and side effects of the stroke? 

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Hi, welcome to the forum.  Sorry to hear that  you  have suffered  a stroke at such a young age.

You might find this useful  as a young stroke  survivor:  It is a UK charity  providing a  unique  service to young stroke survivors. 

Regards Sue 

Hi Sue,

I hope you are well.

Thank you for the helpful link. I will definitely look at it.

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