Atrovastatin and cholesterol result

I had my stroke 8 weeks ago age 39. Was put on atrovastatin 40mg at time of stroke my cholesterol was 4.6, HDL 1.2, LDL 2.8

Just had bloods done and cholesterol is 1.9, Hdl 0.8, Ldl 0.5

My question is has anyone had statin reduced if cholesterol low. Reading other posts on FB groups has made me nervous saying 40mg is preventable dose for re stroke and im so scared of having another one. Yet surely with reading like above it could be reduced so not so low and still have the right affect like 40mg.

Anyone had statin reduced due to blood results? 

Thank you in advance 

Zoe, sorry to hear about your stroke. This is something you should talk to your doctor about. Cholesterol can causes clots, which cause strokes. The fact that your cholesterol is now low is good.

You are only two months post stroke and, at this stage, still worried about a further stroke. Most of us are. The danger period is usually shortly after the first one. I was taken off amuch higher dose of Atorvastatin eighteen months after my first stroke four and a half years ago. I took no statins after that even though willing to do so. Two months ago I had a very mild second stroke caused by a tint clot. I am now back on 20 mg Atorvastatin. I am much older than you and my arteries are obviously more inclined to a build up of cholesterol.

So talk to your doctor. He will know whether it is safe to reduce your dose or take you off your statin.



Thank you for reply. Sorry to hear of your second stroke. Can i ask how do they know if clot is blood or cholesterol ? I will be talking to dr was just interested to see if anyone had similar readings. Don't have stroke follow up till october 

As the very wise John Jeff says, second strokes usually occur soon after first. The medics at the hospital talked about one month. So, as you pass one month you can be assured you are far less likely to have a stroke than the rest of the population.

My statins have been varied. I seemed to react to atorvastatin so I was switched to a different statin. For reasons not related to stroke, I am now back on atorvastatin 10mg. Its not an exact science. I take it at night so any reaction is less noticeable.

Initially my reading was 3.9. I didnt know about the other readings.


Thank you for your reply and reassurance’t%20realize%20that%20thrombosis%2C%20the,atherosclerosis%2C%20commonly%20known%20as%20hardening%20of%20the%20arteries.