Assessment to come home

Well dad had is assessment today to come home, and they have agreed and more importantly Dad has to aids to assist him to come home at hopefully the weekend.

mum is understandably very nervous made up he is coming home but frightened about how they will cope.

they have agreed the reablement team to come in and support dad so I am hoping that eases mums worries.

one day at a time!!! John even agreed to a tea trolley so might end up making the tea and butties ?

Lovely news, Karen. Give them our good wishes.One step at a time eh? Xx

It will be lovely for your Dad to be at home, hopefully you'll all be able to enjoy that and your worries will ease.  Looking forward to the w/end for you ?

Hello Karen,

we were wondering how things are going for you all? Hope it’s all good for you but if not, then feel free to rant/share with us. Veronica