Aspirin/ tinnitus

I have wondered for a while if aspirin was causing the horrible tinnitus I have so stopped taking aspirin 2 days ago. Well it’s made no difference, the tinnitus is as bad so I guess it’s a result of the stroke. 

Have started to keep a diary to see how things change and also to support my short term memory which is so poor at times.

Hope everyone toasted the New Year.


Hi Ann,  since my stroke in January 2018 i too have tinnitus,  its constant and in evening its more of a while noise gushing sound , and i struggle to hear over the noise , i have the tv on loud to drown out the noise. I understand completely what u r going through and its horrible x 

Hi Ann, I would definately check with your GP before stopping the aspirin.  He may also be able to give you something to help the tintinitus.


As Wendy suggests, I think you should check with the GP surgery about stopping medication. I also wonder if its better to consider whether blood thinners are causing the tinnitus rather than specifying aspirin as the cause. I get low level tinnitus and hadnt thought about thinner blood. Recently I stopped Clopidogrel for 5 weeks, taking aspirin instead. I was looking for signs that my SF might ease. I couldnt detect any difference. SF continued and the tinnitus persists. Where do we go from here I wonder. Possibly any BP medication. We have a prescribing nurse at our surgery and she is more able to look at specific medications. Lucky me !


I also struggle to hear over the noise, it makes everything sound different as well. It’s so intrusive it drives me mad at times. It’s good to know others get it as well and how they deal with it.


Hi Wendy, I only came off them for 2 days to see if there was any change in the tinnitus as  this can be a side effect of aspirin. I didn’t noticed any reduction in the tinnitus so I’m now presuming it is a result of the stroke. I’m still waiting for an ENT appointment to get a hearing aid fitted to cancel out the tinnitus so I’m hoping that will help.


Hi Colin, I been taking aspirin because I can’t tolerate Clopidogrel, and tinnitus is a side effect of aspirin. I have to say I didn’t notice any reduction in the tinnitus by stopping the aspirin so I’m back on them. 

I still take Propranolol which keeps my BP under control but I don’t think it causes tinnitus. I’m still waiting for my ENT appointment to be fitted with a hearing aid, I’m really hoping that it will help.

I’ve  been taking Vitamin B complex at night and half the dose in a morning, it does seem to make a difference to how I feel in a morning - I don’t feel anxious and tearful now which is a huge improvement. They were recommended by a doctor who also specialises in homeopathy who I saw in the summer.

I just need to get on top of the SF which remains mostly the same and comes from nowhere. The effects of stroke are quite complex and everyone is different aren’t they.

Hope you are doing OK




Spot on Ann.

The vitamin B sounds interesting.

Although I whinge about my wrteched SF etc, things do slowly impove over the months. 

Best wishes


Just to be thoroughly awkward, I had tinnitus all my life as far as I can remember. It never really bothered me, I just got used to it and took it for granted.......Now, since my stroke it has virtually gone!



Lol! Yes thats weird! 

Yup, there is no real explanation to things the human body gets up to! For many years I had regular tounge and mouth ulcers. I found myself overweight once and went on a hard diet, no more slabs of Nut Chocolate. After six months I eased off and had a bar. Instantly I had mouth ulcers, and I mean within minutes. Then I realised I'd not had any problems for six months and chocolate was the cause.

Unfortunately I am a choconut and still eat the stuff despite the effects. One or two squares a day is not enough to cause mouth ulcers, but it will give me mild gout, and I put up with mildly painful big toes instead!


Lol! That made me laugh laugh ouch though! 

Since our first discussion i've been checking out my tinitus. Yes, it is still there but only to a very slight degree.


Hi new here.  I have had tinnitus for several years now and hearing loss possibly due to stroke.  Just been given aspirin and tinnitus is louder.  I have a hearing aid but sometimes the tinnitus is still too loud to hear things such as the TV.

Hi Jayne, I think the increase in the tinnitus is probably due to the aspirin which you have probably worked out yourself. I have had a hearing aid for a couple of weeks now that has a white noise on it which helps with the tinnitus, you don’t need to set the volume too high before it will mask the tinnitus. 

Hope this helps because I know how the tinnitus gets you down if you have it all day.


Thanks Ann. Guessed it would be the aspirin.  I would love to hear silence again. Today it sounds like I am standing in the middle of the M25.

I have a hearing aid which did mask the tinnitus to start but hearing has got worse and tinnitus has got noisier.

Thank you for you mail.



Hi Jayne, they may be able to reprogram your hearing aid, it will be worth asking. Mine has a volume switch which you can adjust to suit the level of the tinnitus. Hope you get something sorted I know how the tinnitus effect your mood.