Aspirin - Before,during or after food?

I was put on Aspirin a month ago after terrible problems with Clopidogrel and I feel so much better. Only problem is, as most of us will know, aspirin causes heartburn in a lot of people and it looks like I'm going to be one of them :) I've only ever suffered heartburn once in my life and that was when I was expecting my daughter 31 years ago so it's a new thing for me. After asking various chemists, my GP and looking it up on the internet, the opinion seems to differ greatly. For the first time last night, I took it after my main meal of the day (5pm) and didn't get heartburn but my stomach feels a bit 'yuk' this morning and through the night. I'm fine after breakfast and lunch but I take my aspirin at teatime because I have to leave a gap in time due to taking BP medication in the morning. I bought some Gaviscon tablets but have since read in the leaflet that you can't take them if you take aspirin so that was a waste of money! Anyone else take aspirin on here? I'd love to hear how you get on.

I take disolvable aspirin with my evening meal - I don’t dissolve it though - after advise from the pharmacist I just take it and drink a glass of water with it while I eat my meal-  have been taking it since December after I was taken of warfarin. The first few weeks of taking it I was sick a couple of days and on the days when I was not sick I did feel pretty yuk - hopefully now fingers crossed I have turned a corner as I seem to be tolerating it ok ? 

That's interesting - might give that a try and see what happens. Thanks for sharing that with me Motherbear!

Just wanted to update - I've carried on taking aspirin after my meal now and no heartburn anymore! YAY!

WAFARINE crazy drug, the stroke consultant has told that it's why I had a stroke after triple bypass and valve repair, thinned blood too much and caused multiple bleeds on brain ....

Instead of gaviscon, I got a tablet version from gp along with my aspirin so I'm assuming thats fine to take.


Called ranitidine hydrochloride 

Hi Charlotte - Sorry just seen your reply. I've discovered if I take aspirin about 5/10 mins after my evening meal, it stops the heartburn. I was offered something from my Doc that I've had previously prior to my stroke when I trapped my sciatic nerve as I was on Ibuprofen for a month to kill the pain. I can't remember the name. Don't think it was the same as yours but it made me really bloated so when he offered me it this time, I decided to try and do without. I do sometimes still get heartburn but it's usually if I've left it a bit too long after eating. I find if I forget and it's gone past 10 mins since eating, it triggers it a bit but not as bad as it did when I was taking the aspirin prior to eating or during eating. Hope that helps.

I'm on both aspirin and clopidogrel, must admit I have had no problems with it. I had my stroke in October 2015. Found to have an aneurysm as well. Was put on aspirin first and then the clopidogrel when they decided that the aneurysm needed to be operated on 

Hi Charlotte - ranitidine is fairly well tolerated, and used for people on anti-inflammatory meds for conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.  I have found that you don't necessarily need to take it every day once it's in your system, so that might work for people rather than gaviscon (which is disgusting gloop to swallow!! Never tried tablet form).  

I hope you're feeling better, and nice to see your post smiley 

It is just a gastro resistant pill. 

I take 300mg of asprin in a morning, i wake up feeling fine but half an hour after taking the asprin i feel awful i feel clammy, tired and my legs just dont want to function properly does anyone else have this problem

I also take aspirin in a morning but only take a small dose of 75mgs which my doctor prescribed as a maintenance dose instead of clopidogrel. Maybe you should check with your GP about the dose you are taking sounds like quite a large dose.


Exactly as Mum of two says...Are you on the right doseage ? I feel sure that most of us would be having 75mg aspirin and not the 300mg. Several on here didnt get on with clopidogrel and so they changed to 75mg aspirin. I get on fine with aspirin and I get on fine with clopidogrel. I did a long and careful test to see if either caused me side effects. They dont for me. Whatever, I really dont think that 300mg aspirin every day is a good idea. Please get this checked with whoever originally prescribed it. Or your GP. Or your chemist.


Along a different track....I get quite bad SF. And i know that about one hour after rising I start to feel bad. So I always take my first rest at that time. It ives me a better chance of getting through the day better than if I dont take the rest.


Hello Colin. I take one aspirin in mornings on empty tummy best wishes judy

I have been on75g aspirin for many years no horrible effects. I am on anti acid pill blessings judy

Good morning dear friend I have on 75 ml aspirin for a long time. I take my other meds have breakfast then dissolvable aspirin. I am fine with that. Blessings. Judy

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