Anyone got any experience of trying to learn to walk ag with a badly arthritic knee Whois on my affected side and had a tendency to give Waylon meis hindering my progress I fear 

Hi Jane-   it's me again, Jeanne. When I saw your question, I did a little research.  Don't know if it's right or not, but here goes. Walking is actually good for arthritic knee. It builds muscles that support the joint, and eases pain. But check with your doc, of course. Have good walking or running shoes. No heels. Warm up first(bath, or maybe warm wet cloth on knee?)Wear a knee sleeve for support. Walk slowly on level ground.  Walk several short periods instead of 1 long one at first.  Cool down afterwards with ice--good for inflammation and pain.   In between times try various arthritic creams,which can be ordered on Amazon if you can't get out.  My sister,who's 80, uses Capsacin on her knee(which docs say need replacing but she won't do it) She says it really works, but it takes about 2 weeks of using it to begin to work.  It desentizes the nerves.  My sis is very sensitive to pain and a bit of a complainer, so if she says it works I believe her.heart

Thank you x

I have just been diagnosed with arthritis in my hip, has anyone got advice  to offer? Lilian