Artery dissection

I am 37 and have suffered a stroke after an artery dissection. Has anyone suffered a similar thing? I’m finding the support and follow

up not very helpful 

Hi, I had a Vertabral artery dissection, July 2011, I was 49, physically It didn’t affect me too much, it was all my cognitive functions I lost, a lot has come back, but still can’t write much, hopeless with money, concentration, memory, I can’t cope with the because I look ok I must be ok, confidence is zero.  

Hi wendy

Thanks for the reply, how are you doing?

What caused your stroke?




They still don’t know, apparently I had more chance of winning the lottery!  What caused yours

They think mine was lifting at the gym, again really rare. I’d only just started with a trainer, not used to the gym at all and they think I did it lifting a weight too heavy 


i think this is what happened to me during a run.  No one has been through it with me properly.  I am 42.  A doctor mentioned this early on but never mentioned it again.  I tried to ask but go no where  Am trying to find another doctor.


I had a vertabral artery dissection just over a month ago. I am 46.The doctors are not sure why I had it as it is normally seen when there has been a profound movement to the neck, I.e whiplash or after being on a rollacoaster. ( I hadn't had either). It affected my vision and I've been left with a tiny part of my vision missing,  I am waiting to have a test to see if i can still drive. I am aware of it more when looking at things close up rather than long distance.


Only just read your reply, how are you getting on now?