Arm movement

Is there anything I can do to encourage my arm to move? I am 4 months post stroke! 

Jane. I am assuming your arm and hand have no movement. In normal times physio is available, but if you have no function, electronic stimulation may help. This service is not funded by all health authorities, so would have to be checked out. I had an FES (functional electronic stimulus) machine for my weak leg because the stroke left me with drop foot, which impaired my walking. Machines are available for the arm and hand, but the arm and hand perform more complex functions than the leg and foot so treatment is more difficult.

You need to check with your gp if FES is available in your area. Even if it is, this service has been much curtailed during the current pandemic.

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Have a look at ARNI (Action for rehabilitation from neurological injury). They have books and DVD which provide exercises you can do to help. Personally I like their book The Successful Stroke Survivor by Tom Balchin. Its full of exercises and is like a complete manual for stroke recovery.

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Hi Jane  I had a tia  6 weeks ago it affected my arm I found that if you use a ball and massage it with your hand fingers and arm slowly the movement comes back  when it comes back get a duster and circle it in both direction and gradually the movement comes stronger hope this helps

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