Are there any keyboard shortcuts I can use to navigate and use the forum?

The My Stroke Guide forum does support the use of keyboard shortcuts. You can preview these by typing ? now.

Or see below for a list of available shortcuts:

General Navigation / Jump to

The following keyboard shortcuts will help you navigate the forum.

G then H Home
G then L View Latest topics
G then N Create New topic
G then U See Unread topics
G then C View list of Categories
G then T Go to Top Topics
G then B View your Bookmarks
G then P View your Profile
G then M See your Messages
G then D View your Drafts


These keyboard shortcuts are useful for when you are composing a topic or reply.

Shift + C Return to composer
Shift + F11 Fullscreen
C Create a new topic
T Reply as linked topic
Shift + R Reply to topic
R Reply to post
Q Quote post

Other Actions

The following keyboard shortcuts are additional general actions.

F Toggle bookmark topic
Shift + P Pin / unpin topic
Shift + S Share topic
S Share post
L Like post
! Flag post
B Bookmark post
E Edit post
D Delete post
M then M Mute topic
M then R Regular (default) topic
M then T Track topic
M then W Watch topic
Ctrl + P Print topic

Additional Navigation Shortcuts

And finally, here are some additional navigation keyboard shortcuts.

U Back
# Go to post #
K or J Move selection up / down
or Enter Open selected topic
Shift + J Next section
Shift + K Previous section
= Open hamburger menu
P Open user menu
. Show updated topics
/ or Ctrl + Alt + F Search
? Open keyboard help
X then R Dismiss new / posts
X then T Dismiss topics
Shift + Z then Shift + Z Log out

Thnx for exposing the concept of not the mechanism of tagging.
Now I’ve a compass. A map is the next need