Arbitrary sensations

This morning I woke up feeling out of sorts. My head felt strange, I began shivering, not exessively but enough to feel it in my jaw and legs. My feet were clammy, and I just didn't feel right. At one point I dry retched. I thought it might be a supressed panic attack, as the meds I take supress panics and anxiety. I checked my blood pressure, it was pretty high (137/97), although I was feeling anxious about the sensation, so it probably would be higher than usual. Blood pressure rises and falls naturally all throughout the day, so this was done more out of curiosity than anything else, it wasn't through the roof. Anyway, I took half a benzodiazepine, and waited half an hour, it didn't really have the desired effect, so I took another half, and promptly fell asleep. This incident has followed a day, a few days ago, where I was so tired, I slept for most of the day. I thought it might be my blood sugar levels. However, like most puzzling post stroke symptoms, who knows. I woke feeling worn down by the experience, and a little uneasy about it. 

I thought I would share this post, in case, others have had odd occasions that aren't or weren't frequent which caused alarm or were a strange physical or mental interruption to regular stroke symptoms. 

Thank you for sharing! I hope you feel better today! 

Hope you are feeling bit better

My husband has these odd occasions when warm and looks like he had a fit he ginds his teeth notice blood coming from his mouth. Not sure if everyone goes though some kind of things like this

Hope you are better soon