Appetite and returning to 'normal' foods

Hi all - today has been a milestone day. Exactly 12 weeks after my Mum had her stroke, she has had a further Speech and Language Assessment and been given the all clear to go back to normal eating and no more thickener !

This is a huge step forward but obviously there is still a lot of understandable fear around choking, and aspiration and just being able to manage eating some 'normal' food.

Does anyone have any tips on how we can help her to adapt and re-introduce food, whilst building her confidence that she will be able to manage this big step. She doesn't have much of an appetite anyway and it's a big struggle to get her to eat anything at all.



Hi Karen, Loss if appetite is quite normal. I would suggest small portions of her favourite foods. You might need to cut her food up a bit and encourage her to take her time chewing before swallowing. Lighter foods might be more preferable to stodgy or meat that requires more chewing.

After four years, I still cannot eat large portions, but can tackle most things. I eat more fish and vegetarian meals these days too. She might also need cutlery specially designed for those with disabilities.

Pleased to know things are now progressing and I am sure they will improve further.

Great news Karen please give your mum my love and best wishes. I did not eat for weeks for many reasons but my occupational therapist went through the eating stages 1 to 5 changes to my diet weekly and I am now eating normal 

Thanks so much for the advice, I think little and often will be the way to go. Today she has managed some yoghurt, banana, a couple of biscuits, some chicken soup and a fondant fancy cake. She also has a protein shake to boost her up as well. Her appetite isn't great but if we can just build up little by little, then that will be another step forward. Take care, Karen 

Thanks, will do. It will take a little time for her to become confident with different foods but I'm sure she will get there. Today she managed a fondant fancy cake, so that's a step in the right direction. Take care, Karen