Apparently I am not severely disabled enough. I only wish

Today I tried to apply again for a blue badge. I tried twice before and for one reason or another my application went awry. Anyway I tried again today.

I told them I had a stroke in April 2017, affecting my right side. I have drop foot and I have vision loss, both affecting my walking ability. I do use a frame or a walker when I am walking outside and doing errands. But even with the use of the equipment I do walk quite slowly. I cannot walk far. I do get tired easily so I need to stop and rest quite often.

My application was denied because apparently I am not severely disabled enough. But I can appeal they said. Why did they not properly assess my case first rather than just basing their response on less than 5 questions I answered honestly online before telling me about appeals? 

The whole business is frustrating but laughable really. Appeal here I come next week. At least it is nice to know that I am not severely disabled enough (can you hear the sarcasm?). 

Hi Ruby, I applied for a blue badge a few years ago whilst waiting for knee replacement surgery.  My inital application was refused, after "due consideration".  I was furious.  I phoned the number on my refusal letter, and questioned the woman about what form the "due consideration" had taken.   I asked her what research she had carried out into Rheumatoid arthritis, I asked if she'd spoken to my GP and Rheumatologist etc etc.  I just completely wore her down!!  The most she had done was press PRINT to send out a meaningless, routine letter.  Too right I appealed!!  And won.  Prepare a good list of questions and keep challenging until you have that badge!!  They know nothing about Stroke, you have the upper hand.  

Best of luck my lovely xx

Do appeal. The Stroke Association will help if necessary. I got a blue badge on first application, but different local authorities may have different policies. Good luck.

We actually called our county councillor tonight. He promised to deal with it on Monday. So I shall see and wait for his call. ☺

Hi John, we called our county councillor tonight. He promised to deal with it on Monday. I will just wait for his reply. I really cannot believe that straight away they told me that my application is unsuccessful because they give badges only to those severely disabled. If I am not disabled enough then I feel really sorry for those they do consider severely disabled. ☺



Well done Ruby.

Not sure of my facts, but I think the blue badge is now available to those with cognitive deficiences. So our SF should mean we get a badge, well thats the theory.

I am mobile. I can walk a mile with difficulty and, with care, I am manoeverable. And I can drive. But I still have enormous problems if I need to battle for a parking space or walk a distance. And so my activity is restricted.

I havent applied but think I might do so.

Do let us know how you get on.


Thank you Colin and I shall let you all know what happens next. Maybe another laughable episode? ???

Hi Ruby - That's ludicrous. The number of people I see who are parked in disabled spaces illegally and yet those who need them get refused. I applied for one when my Mum was alive as she was in her 90's. She couldn't walk and also suffered from agraphobia (Sp?) I only needed it so I could park near the door of hospital when she had to go for appointments to give me time to find a wheelchair and then I would drop her off and find a space in the normal car park.  I was refused because my Mum wasn't the driver, I was.  Yet my Mum-in-Law when she was alive was offered one by her council, didn't drive and in the early days,didn't have any problem walking!  But as someone said in their reply, different councils have different rules.  There's a sign in our local multi storey that says "Not all disabilities are obvious" - what a joke when people who need them get refused! Good luck with your MP.

good luck with appeal

I don't know if it depends on your local authority but if you have enough points on the 'moving around' part of PIP, you should be automatically ELIGIBLE. PIP  seems to be a gateway benefit for a number of things. initially I had the higher rate mobility component and that entitled me to a number of useful thing. however after review in October I lost that, but retained a higher score (!) on other things so while I was able to renew the blue badge ok I am not eligible for the Motability scheme. I had to give up my car in the summer after a scrape the insurance company repair shop refused to fix even though it was repairable, a long and tedious story. I wasn't enjoying driving much and fatigue inhibited me anyway so I am happy to take a break. reduces my carbon footprint I suppose.

I'm surprised about the blue badge especially as eligibility had been extended to other less visible disabilities, so def worth appealing if you have the energy I did consider appealing the PIP for the motability eligibility but I couldn't face the idea of a tribunal hearing. 

 Even though I hear they are not as intimidating as they sound and a high proportion of appeals are successful 

 gd luck, and if you don't have the PIP, do apply.  

best wishes 


Hi Ruby - during my 'conversation' when appealing about my blue badge, the lady kept asking about which benefits I received.  I had to keep reminding her that I was employed and had been all my life, and would continue to be employed post-surgery for the knee.  She told me my application would be looked on more favourably if I were in receipt of benefits!  Unbelievable!  Be persistent, and as has been suggested, maybe enlist the support of the Stroke Association as well as your local council rep.

Good luck  xx



Tony, PIP - I just went to the Citizens Advice Bureau last Tuesday to enquire about PIP. Together with the Blue Badge they are on my list. I will make sure first now I get that badge to eventually support my case for PIP. I only score points on the mobility section but I think I should have enough points to get something. The whole system is laughable and frustrating. To be told I am not severely disabled enough without being seen first is ridiculous. Even if they haven't seen me with my description of my disability they should issue me a blue badge. If I am not issued a badge because they deem me not disabled enough what will be my chance of getting some PIP payment. They are just discouraging those people who really need them from persevering with their applications. ?

Thanks. I will see first what our councillor can do. Yes, it is my friends who keep reminding me to apply for a Blue Badge and PIP. They keep saying I deserve both. Especially when my friends are always giving me a lift. Like you I am not receiving any benefits even when I had my stroke and cannot go back to work, yet. Why should an issuance of a Blue Badge be based on whether you are getting benefits or not? It should be based on one's actual needs. Anyway, I am resting and relaxing this weekend to be ready to face the challenges on Monday. Have a good weekend. ☺

Thank you. Yes, I will wait what our councillor can do. Resting and relaxing this weekend to get ready to face the challenges of next week. Have a good weekend. ☺

I agree the system is designed to  discourage,  I hope you can persevere and get what is your right as a citizen. hopefully the next government will overhaul the DWP as it is not fit for purpose.  but I am not holding my breath 

 good luck,I hope it doesn't get you down too much. 



Hi Ruby, I would apply for PIP if I were you. But remember that when you fill the form in don't be PC, be very direct and politically incorrect, send in copies of every letter you have about your stroke and ongoing problems. The physical is carried out by idiots, sorry, but they are, so don't be surprised if they knock your application. If so ask for the written record of the assessment, then appeal, making sure you argue and evidence every single point, even if n/a. don't fib but think of worst case scenario, and plain English. The decision makers aren't medically qualified, they are jobs worth's, so you have to spell it out.

A lot of councils will only issue blue badges if you qualify for higher rate mobility. Although what you describe certainly suggests you do, you have to overwhelm them with evidence.

Good luck.

Agree with all that. Its the same as when people say "hi, how are you", its just an automatic thing to reply "not too bad" or "fine thanks". But in this instance, you have to tell them exactly how it really is and how it is on your worst days. Theyre not listening, just filling in a box that either gives you points or doesnt and at the end of it, thats what determines you fate. 

Hi! Thank you for all the advice. Blue badge - sorted, ordered and to be with me within less than two weeks. When they disapproved my application last Friday we called our local councillor the same night. He promised me to deal with it by Monday morning, which he did. He called the council people, they called me. Unfortunately I was out attending my doctor's appointment. Another member of staff rang me in the afternoon as they promised and asked me questions which I answered as honestly but as detailed as I can. No dramas, just the realities. After 15 minutes of conversation he agreed I deserve a blue badge. I paid, sent the scans of my driving license and my photo. That's it dealt with. Next on my list is my PIP application. I will not score any points on the Daily Living section. I can barely score in the Mobility section. I will go online and read again what I need to do and what I need to provide as evidence to support my application. Fortunately my doctor gave me copies of all the letters my stroke consultant sent to the surgery so I can use that as part of my evidence. I can only do my honest best and see how it goes. Another challenge ahead. 

Hi. PIP can be difficult to get right, and because it is relitively new people still don't know how to complete it. Just go through each section, think how things are on your worst days, even if you think it insignificant, e.g. using a doset box scores top points, when they asked about personal care, again think how things are on the bad days, if you hubby has to get clothes out, or scrub your back,adds up, also how long it takes you.

With the mobility section, again it's the bad days, the fact you have a dropped foot, trips, slips and falls all add points.

Be truthful, but as in your bad days.

If they do knock you down on any question, get the assessors written report, they have a habit of making assumptions, and ignoring the facts.

If you need any help, Headway is good, they specialise in brain injury. You can always drop me a line if you are unsure about anything, or even the right word's to use.

Your application has to be bulletproof. Sorry, I am very cynical about the bods at Atos and the DWP. I've had to appeal every blooming application, not because of what I have put, but the magic cure's Atos seem to be able to achieve!

Good luck, Ian