Aphasia recovery April 2016

Remarkable recovery for me , still have a delay in speech( from only 1 word)....... (when)

Now communication is amazing but a lot frustration when people pretend understand me

as a volunteer helps others as well my practice and reward x

I also suffer from asphasia but it is improving slowly but surely. I couldn't speak at all but now I can speak a bit, still difficult for other people to understand me. When I hear other people have got better it makes me feel better. 

Can I ask you how long since stroke?

I had my strokes in July 16 2017 and I still work like hell at getting better or should I say on improving Heidi. I had 2 strokes one in the morning at home and the second one at night in the hospital.

Well Done.

It does improve. I have had asphasia for 13yrs but it has improve. When I was in hospital no one could understand me but now I speak a enormous better than I could.

I have faith in improving cheers

My mum has this and i find the same thing everyone keeps nodding and agreeing with her when they really cant understand her and when i say your not speaking properly she goes mad, are their any speech theroapists out there in the Kent are that help as the NHS where uselss.

Hi I name Hannah Warner and 41 years old and 8 months strokes!

Aphasia - anxiety, depressed and shock!

I am smart, intelligent and proud!

Thank you



Love your spirit!  Welcome to the site xx

Hannah hi, I also suffer being unable to speak properly. I had my strokes 12 months ago it does improve but it is slow and you have to perceiver which I am sure you will

Hi Stephen

You can search for a suitable speech and language therapist in your area by looking at the following website - https://beta.helpwithtalking.com/

Hope this helps!


I have had aphasia for 13 years. It gets better over time. I gets frustrated when I can't get the words out even in the middle of a sentence..... I drive. I'm a chairman at my local stroke club. Just be positive(when you can be) One thing ----- my left hand is the dominant hand. I can't talk as well as I could but I can write beautifully!!!!     laugh