Aphasia friendly books about aphashia

I am a relative of someone with aphasia.


My loved one is keen to read more about aphasia and fluent aphasia.

He wants books in an accessible format. He doesn’t like the available charity produced literature/ books/ leaflets.

Thank you for any suggestions or links to previous posts on this topic🙂

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I have that since last year


@Flapjack just popping by to say hi & welcome to the forum.

I’m sure others will be along soon to help with your specific question as I have no experience of aphasia but just wanted to say hi.

Best wishes



Hello Flapjack. I have aphasia so I hope I have understood your comment correctly. :smile: What format was he thinking of that would suit him? Does he have any specific questions that we might be able to answer? Have you done keyword searches on Amazon? There are quite a quite a few hits on stroke and aphasia. Hope this helps.


Hi everyone

A couple of us are trying to organise a small weekly get together over zoom for aphasia sufferers to practise their speaking in a stress-free environment

So far we’ve met once on a Wednesday morning But would like to know what time suits a few folk

The discussion so far is at Asphasia and other speech issues



I hope you are doing okay since last year.

Hi Bibs,

You understood the comment correctly :grin:

I am not sure what my relative says will suit him.

I passed on the forum comments to my other relative who is with him.

Thank you and have a great Sunday :grinning:

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I had one other idea. If your relative or anyone with him has a library card you can get the Libby app. That has a huge selection of titles both in book form or audible to listen to - all free! At libbyapp.com.


I have hard time expressing myself


Thank you for this suggestion.

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