Aphasia and swallowing


My mum had a bad stroke in April 2019 and she had to be tube fed at first in hospital and then with the help of a speech therapist she finally progessed on to solid food. The stroke has left her with aphasia and she was having speech therapy for several months until March then it had to stop due to Corona. My mum sometimes has coughing episodes whilst eating her meals which frightens me. Her speech therapist was going to do a swallowing test with her to see if there is any problems but she cannot come to the house because of the virus. Please could anyone advice if this is normal? Many thanks, Tasha

Hi tasha. I know exactly how you are feeling, i am in the same situation. My mum is going through the same and like you, i also get frightened when a coughing fit starts during eating. It is quite normal, although it should be checked out just in case. Its a nightmare trying to get visits from therapists right now and i feel like ive been left to get on with it on my own. Im an only child so its all down to me, my dad is there but he has copd and does nothing for himself. My mum has done everything and i feel like i have to step in but ive got a family of my own and im finding it hard to balance it all. To be honest, im wondering if or how im going to cope but what can ypu do? Im not just going to abandon my parents when they need me but nobody gives you a guidebook for this and i do feel let down in the support/ medical dept. But you are not alone. xx