Anyone on Ace Inhibitors for Blood pressure?

Morning everyone. I am currently on Accupro which is the brand name of Quinapril. I have had a few occasions when my chemist has had problems getting hold of it. I've had to change chemists a couple of times to get it and am with Boots at the moment. However, I had a phone call last week to say they are now having problems too. I guess I might have to swap to another ace inhibitor so if anyone has one they take that they can recommend I'd be grateful. I've already tried Rampril, Amlopodine and Losartan. 1st two were horrid and I felt like a zombie. Losartan wasn't too bad but not as good as Accupro. I've got a months supply left and then that's it 

I use Lercandipine. I was on amlodipine but it made my legs swell, Losartan gave me diarrhoea but Lercandipine works just fine for me. 

Hi Lynne. Thanks for replying. Since posting on here, I have been put on Perindopril by my GP which is an Ace Inihibitor the same type of BP tablet as my previous one and I seem to be OK on this so far. Perindopril was recommended by Boots to my GP as being the closest to the previous one with the added benefit of protection against another stroke. There are so many different BP tablets but it seems GP's get into the habit of prescribing the same old,same old to all and sundry.  Makes you wonder if they are on commission from the drug companies to push the same drugs all the time! Glad you get on with your new tablets. Makes things so much easier when we can just take the tablets and get on with life.

Whatch out for the tickly cough, which is a common side effect of Perindopril. I was put on it as a second BP drug but had to discontinue it due to the cough as I just couldn’t sleep. Good luck. 

Will do!  The dreaded cough was one of the reasons I had to come off Rampril. Everyone in our family who was on Rampril has had to come off it due to the cough. Luckily with my former tablets Quinapril, I didn't get the cough so fingers crossed for this one. Thanks.

I'm on Amlopipine 5mg, and Bisoprolol 5mg, seem to work for me.

Hi Boots - thanks for replying. I am now sorted with an alternative. I started taking Perindopril 3 wks ago and so far,so good. The only difference between these and Accupro I used to take is that I have to take Perindopril 1 hr before breakfast whereas the others I could take with or without food.  A bit of a faff having to get out of bed to take it an hour before I get up but worth it for no side effects!  I know I wouldn't be able to sit downstairs and watch the clock go round for an hour without having breakfast as I'm always starving when I get up LOL!

Glad you got it sorted. Save getting up an hour early, take the meds and some water to bed with you, well not actually to bed, make the sheets soggy, but on the bedside table, then you can just wake up enough to take the meds, role over and nod off again.

Yeah, that's what I kind of do only they are so tiny, and my fingers are useless with fiddly things since stroke, I have to put the light on and sit up to do it and then roll over and nod off! Luckily my hubby gets up at 4.15 am for work so I don't disturb him.