Anyone interested in photography

 I'm a keen photographer and was hoping/wondering if there were any like minded people out there. I'm recovering from a stroke I had approx 18 months ago.

Hi Helen!

There is a thread in our community where a few people have been posting their photographs. Take a look here:

We'd love to see some of your photographs in the thread! When you write a new post or reply, you can click the camera icon to upload one of your creations smiley

Take care!


i had my stroke  dec the 3rd last year   i was lucky to find via  stroke group a photography with other  stroke suffers its been a godsend 

Hi I had my stroke in Dec 2019 and as a keen photographer would love to get back into it, I know it's early day's but as yet with a weak right arm I  haven't worked out a way to hold either my compact or DSLR. Any tips would be great.

I'm  a hobby photographer using compact cameras in preference to DSLRs. My subjects are mostly nature & landscape along with macro/close ups.

I'm still not allowed to drive so taking pictures whilst walking my dogs has kept me sane during lockdown.

I had my strokes spring/ summer 2020.

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